26 July 2007

Cameron Highlands-2

"Curryegg is so bad. Not paying attention in class. Not focusing in my friends talk"...

Okok... I'm sorry... I know I'm having my computer class now. Today will be the day for us to make our presentation in front of the class using PowerPoint. Well, I've finished my assignment and even have given my talk. It was a successful talk. I did quite well. Thank God! Guess what? I'm the second person to present! Fuh... Of course I feel nervous but after some minutes standing in front, the nervous feeling just faded away.

I feel GOOD now!

So, let me blog about my trip to Cameron Highland. I don't want to procrastinate it anymore...

Cameron Highlands trip.

Can you see this?
Self Plucking!!!

Well, besides tea, Cameron Highlands is famous with her fresh strawberry.
When you go to Cameron, you won't miss to pay a visit to strawberry farm. This is the only place you can find fresh, juicy, big strawberry in Malaysia.. Muahaha... Yup!

Can you see how they plant them? There is a watering system. I wonder who invent it. Great invention!!! :)

Ohh.... few brunches of strawberry.. em... But... I Don't feel like plucking...
Not ripe yet..

Hey! The read strawberries are here!!
No wonder I couldn't find any red strawberry... She had plucked them... sob... ;(

Ahhhh hah! I have found this one... Em... Yummy... I wanna pluck! I wanna pluck!

Anyway, at the end, we didn't pluck any. We just bought it from the counter. Haha... Why? Let see this.. This is the reason:

See what I mean? The strawberries are nicer and tempting... They plucked the nice strawberries and sell, and the rest were left for us to pluck. Herm...

This is me! I'm holding a big, juicy strawberry.

Soon, we left the strawberry farm and leaded to our next destination: Vegetable farm.
Well, they sell all kind of vegetables including cabbages, carrots, potato and etc. Besides, they sell flowers and cactus too.

Lovely colorful cactus.
And heart-shaped cactus??? Huh??
Flowers... lovely..

I went to the farm with my cousin. It was just beside the shop. I love this place! It was so country.. fresh air and most green.

What's this?

It's cabbage...
Large cabbage.

Besides the cabbage plantation, there was a small, tiny part for....

Digging digging..

I love this moment a lot since this was my first time pulled up fresh carrots. haha...
Have you tried this before? Fun! Exciting! :)
And even this! Oopss.. I don't know what is the name for this vege.. Anyone can help me?

Finally, we weighted them and paid. Well, of course they were cheap.

Blogging this make me feel like wanting to travel again. Unfortunately, I can't make any trips right now. Assignments are rushing in and I have to work hard for them. They will be counted for my exam. Uhh... sob... ;(

P/s: I love this song a lot! "Best In Me" - BLUE