28 September 2008

Night & Day Views In Menara Taming Sari Melaka

I guess you guys must be waiting too long for the answer..

Well... emm.. emm... As I've gone through some of the answers in my comment box, unexpectedly one of you manage to answer it correctly. Wow! Impressive!

Bingo Bingo, Binga Binga, Banga!!!

Congratulation Kei. You manage to continue to the next round. Next round? Lolx.. Just joking.
She is right. The first picture is in Malacca. Kei, how did you know that? I expected the answer something like... KL Tower? Haha...

To be more specific, it's the Menara Taming Sari Melaka. I had been to the place and took a ride during in my previous trip in Malacca. It has been quite some times I didn't get to visit Malacca and Wow! Just a year, the place has developed like a brand new place (especially in Dataran Pahlawan). I had never expected something cool like this built in the middle of the town which is surrounded by history, in Malacca.

Can I give another wow?


When I was in Malacca last month, I managed to meet my friend, Jeff. He showed me around and took me to the tower. We managed to get a ride in that evening and it was so much fun! I could see Malacca from the top of the view!


So, it started from the ground...
Gathering all the passengers... no seat belt nor air bag...
But with air-conditioning and good lighting...

Once majority of the seats are taken, puff!
Here we go!!!!!

The next thing you will hear from the speakers is something like this... "Welcome to Malacca. Thank for joining us in Menara Taming Sari Melaka. We hope you will have a good time with us"... Ok. To be frank, I don't remember any single word from the recorded voice. Anyway, the rough idea is something like this. Haha.. :P

So, this is how it looks like when I was in the highest view of the tower. Most of the photos are a little unclear. Sorry for that as my camera doesn't work well during in the night view. Sigh... DSLR... when are you coming to Curryegg mummy? :(

This is the Dataran Pahlawan... and Mc Donald! Haha.. :P

The traffic in Malacca... Emm... just a tiny one if compare to Penang Island or Kuala Lumpur..

Here is my ticket. Each adult will be RM10 (that is the offer price for particular season). The ride took about 10 minutes? Emm... I couldn't recall any more..

I guess I am too excited, getting the chance to ride on the tower. Happily, I told my dad and the next morning, I took another ride again with him. Oh my.. What happen to me? Was I going insane? Well, never mind. I want to see Malacca when it is bright.

The most handsome dad in the world... Ok.. dad force me to write this.. oopss...

The office of Menara Taming Sari Melaka..

Look at the pool! I heard from Jeff that this is the largest pool in Malacca? Ahwww... I wanna swim... Can I jump from here? :P

Again, this is Dataran Pahlawan.. Now you can see it clearly.. :)

Did you notice something? Something like a ship landing on the ground? Lolx...

Let me zoom for you. This is a historical ship from the Portuguese if I am not mistaken. Right now, it has turned into a maritime museum. Ahhwww... I had never been there... I wanna go... :(

So, this is me during day time in the tower. Lolx... I think I prefer the ride during in night time as it is not as warm as in the day time. The rays from the bright sun were hurtful for my skins.

Emmm.... remember, if you have the choice, choose the night ride. I know you will love the romantic atmosphere.. :D

P/s: I will answer for my second picture tomorrow... That's mean, you still have the chance to fill in your answer in my comment box. By the way, I guess I should give you the hint. It is not in Malaysia (which mean it's definitely not in Kuala Lumpur). So, where it is? Emm... question, question, question... XD