24 April 2009

The Real Expressive Art Scene

I guess most of you still remember the Expressive Art Workshop which I had mentioned previously? I hope you will not forget my 'creation'. Haha.. Well, this time, I want to show you some of my friends creation which are good too. In fact, there is nothing like 'good' or 'bad' and no one should label others' work too because that is what we call expressive art.

Talking about how our society love making judgement on others work (or the person) is something which I hated so much. Awkward stares and unfriendly body languages really turn my mood off. It reminded me how I was being judged on my work which I thought it is pretty nice and OK but then, some people weren't agree with me and my work ended up in the trash. Not that they throw my work into the bin.

I did that because I was being graded with a big fat

Notes: Some people here referred to my primary teachers.

That incident happened when I was still in my primary school. Since then, I have this 'perfectionist' trait evolved in me as I want to make things perfectly so that the same incident will not happen again. I guess that did affect me a lot both mentally and emotionally.

Anyway, my 'perfectionist' mode was being turn off when I was in this workshop as I want to express as freely as possible without worrying how my work will turn up. I know I am safe to be myself and I don't have to worry others mind. Being spontaneous and passionate have allowed me to explore my feeling - which is good.

That is how my creation is being created and I just so in love with my work. Most importantly, no grading is being carried out during in this workshop. That's mean, no one will grade your work either is an 'A' or 'Z' work. Frankly, this is something everyone should learn, not to grade an artwork. Instead, try to understand why it is being created and explore the creator's feeling and thinking. Every piece of creation means something and only the creator knows them well.

So, if you are a parent or a teacher, do take note that it is important to understand your children or your student from their 'creation'. Creation can be artwork, essay writing, games, dressing and etc. By observing their creation and asking for the meaning, you will understand the child better. This is what we call, expressive art.

I guess I have typed too far away from my main title. Oh gosh. It always happen when I am too excited about certain topic. Please forgive me.. :P

Dr. D's Expressive Art Workshop was fun and all of us were having good time being a creative and innovative creators. These are what my friends had done.

Most of my friends are good in making 3D art work and I am impressed. Frankly, I love the rose so much and I will never believed that a guy with an ENTP typology can make such a good stuff. Ok. I sound really judgemental here. Oopssie. Sorry. But then, I really love his rose and I thought of bringing back home (which he allowed me). However, I feel that it is good to let more people admiring his work. So, I decided to leave it in Dr.D's room (my California lecturer). Seriously, it is really an artistic work!

Besides, my friend Wan Yong can really make a good joker's hate. Isn't that wonderful? Just by using colour paper and within 2 hours, the work was done. Oh dear... lovely. And the bookmark leaf.. :)

There are more creations from others but I was too excited during that moment and had forgotten to snap every one of them. I was running, jumping and crawling. Lol.. I am just joking.. :P

In conclusion: Be yourself. Express yourself. Love your work.