10 November 2010

Sisterly Friends

I would like to start my first sentence of this post with, "Wahh... Finally I am back!!!"


Lol.. It took me ages to come back with a post but I can't say sorry this time because I am focusing in something important. Yes, very important and the thing which I am busying of is THESIS WRITING.


Seriously, my progress for thesis writing is still very slow. Somehow, I am stuck with the idea I want to pour on. Maybe it is because my research design isn't strong enough, or I don't have a good picture on how to write a thesis report.. or it's just that I have yet to find the confident which I need.


Well, I have been blaming myself quite often lately due to the thesis progress. Most of my friends already done at least 2 chapters ahead, while me.. still hanging there. Sigh..


I am planning to rest myself a little while with a blog writing. Thus, I am here with a collection of leng luis photos. Lol.. so 'thick face' but it is true ma --------> Smile with tongue out


Last 2 weeks, it was the end of my class for my course. We've already coming to an end. That's mean, my coursemates and I will no have no chance going to class together and listening to lecturer. I will never see them sleeping in the class, or playing with handphone or chit chatting behind while listening to boring classes. lol.. shhhhhhh...




Well, there suppose to have another 1 replacement class in the end of this month but we already treated that Friday class as the final one. So, we asked a photographer (my friend's sister) to help us talking a group photo. But before the end of the photography session, we managed to get Huan's sister to help us snapped a few photos. I call this theme as the 'Sisterly Friends' Winking smile




The four of us, Huan, Shan, June and I are very close friends in these 4 years. Each of us come from a very different background. Huan comes from Johor, Shan from oversea (I mean kuching), June from Penang while me.. hybrid (Penang+KL). Somehow, we are drew together by special chemistry in these 4 years.



Four different face expressions


We share each different chapters in every semester by going through different experiences with one another, and these chapters end up sealing us with this word 'friendship'. It's amazing whenever I reflect on my relationship with each of them. I believe it must be God's plans that bring us together, so close and intimate.




We don't just share homework, revision, assignment and timetable together, but with personal stories and boundaries too. We learn how to respect each others, spare some jokes during tense moment and hugs one another whenever we need support. Gosh... suddenly I become so sentimental.




So, I would like to take this chance to express my token of appreciation and admiration to you (huan, shan and june) for being such a great friends for me in these 4 years. May you be blessed with boundless happiness, wealth and energy to contribute. You girls will always be apart of my life and please... keep me in touch, always k? =))


Oh ya.. when shall me wake a sisterly trip?


Let's do the eat, pray, love thingy! Open-mouthed smile