23 May 2010

My ‘Kampung’ Look

I just did a mini trip this evening, to one of the kampung (village) areas which is not far from my hometown.  The name of this place is Byram, Penang. This is another worth reading post because you are going to see a collection of wonderful photos which you might not get to see often. Of course, to those who are staying in the city for all his or hers life, this chance is valuable.



#1 Rumah papan Melayu


When you are reading the word, ‘Kampung’, what is the first picture in your mind that you will make? Trees? Vegetables? Wooden old houses? Bicycles on the roads? Cow’s dropping?


Believe it or not, those are the pictures I’d made before my parents sent me back to my hometown to have a long stay with my grandma for good. They wanted my teenager life to be there instead of the hectic town (I was staying in the city during in my childhood). Well, they have their own reasons which they believe is good for me. I guess, they are right. I get to experience both sides of the world – the fast-paced and slow-paced lifestyles.



#2 Kebun Baru


At first, I really don’t like this kampung place. Part of the reasons are because, this place is so ‘empty’. There are no shopping malls, no cafe, less restaurant, less cars and playground. Besides, most of the buildings and houses here are old (some I doubt they will fall one day if there is storm).


It took me months to fall in love with this place before I realize how beautiful the people, food and scenery are. My adoration to sky scrappers has been changed to large, shady trees; my love to fast food has changed to grandma’s homemade food (and any Penang food too!); my favorite transport which is car has been replaced by a medium size bicycle (or feet); and my admiration to people who speak well in American English accent is fairly shared with people who speaks Hokkien, Teo Chew and Mandarin. Ok lah, dan Bahasa Melayu Utara jugok.



#3 Like usual, you can spot mak cik sharing the latest hit in the area. I call this kepoh-ing. I bet they don’t have Facebook like us? =P


Ever since I have received the offer to further my study in the city, I have to readapt myself again with the life I used to have before. It is indeed a hard process because I have to get use with the exceeding amount of Carbon Monoxide and the ugly scenery everyday.



It is ugly because you can’t see all these….

(Bahasa Melayu revision time)



#4 Pondok dan buaian

kampung10#5 Rumah Papan & Batu Melayu


# 6 Jalan raya yang senyap.


      #7 Kanak-kanak bermain di tepi jalan.

kampung3 #8 Hijau dan biru.

#9 Langit dan awan.

#10 Langit sebelum malam.


    # 12 Langit dan pokok dahan kering – artistic, don’t you like this?



I am currently having my semester break at my hometown with my grandma. It is good to be here again. Whenever I am here, I feel myself being at home. I can just simply dress up myself with a torn t-shirt, short pants, slippers and make a pony tail, wandering around without much concern. I don’t care much on how others will see me (and I don’t think they give a damn on that).



#13 Rupa kampung saya (My kampung look).


As long as I feel comfortable and happy, well, why bother? Life is short. So, care what is really matter. Don’t you agree, babe?


Well, I think I should head to bed now. Tomorrow will be a busy day because it is grandma’s birthday party! Wait, is it right to use the word PARTY for a grandma? Well, she is still young tho. So, hell ya.


Good Sunday everyone =))