14 May 2010

Bali Bali Swimming Pool

Because of the flower on the ear, it creates a Bali’s atmosphere in most of the photos which we had taken 2 days ago when Mamak came to my house for a stay for 2 days 1 night. I have yet been to Bali. Well, I guess it looks similar like this? lol…




That’s why, I named this post as Bali Bali Swimming Pool to convincing myself that I will go Bali one day.



Does this photo convience you? Ok. I know, I know.. the table & chairs behind spoil my cheating attempt =_=


Like usual, Mamak and I will date each other in advance to make sure we have at least 1 full day we can spend together. This is what I call the buddy’s day. You can celebrate this day whenever you and your buddy/buddies are together. Emmm.. should I request this Buddy’s Day from the ministry? It is therapeutic, happy, fun and meaningful. Thus, I can’t see any reason that the ministry should reject me.




Anyway, back to my Bali Bali post. It was this early morning that both Mamak and I decided to go to the pool to swim (I call this as playing water). We had never really try playing at the pool with each other although I have been knowing her for 11 years. Most probably this idea hadn’t come up in ours minds.





Swimming time turned up to be photography time. Thank to my attempt in bringing the camera to the pool. We ended up happily playing with the gadget, rather than doing something healthy for our body. How bad..






Things became even fun when Mamak took 2 flowers and placed them on each of our ears. That’s how the whole Bali Bali’s feel being created.


Seriously, I love these two photos. Don’t you agree they look like panting on canvas? Or graphic design which done purposely?


mak14 Theme: Yin & Yang

mak15   Theme: Distant but Connected


I was actually quite reluctant to snap any picture of myself because I look totally a mess (in my opinion). I had less sleep, bad hair and weak concentration. I should slept for another 2 hours if dad didn’t wake us up for breakfast. Thank to Mamak’s persuasion. Or else, I will miss out talking some of my best photos of the day.







Spending time with friend (especially someone who you can click so much) is always a memorable memory and also wonderful journey of the self. As you explore further in a relationship, you get to understand yourself better with the presence of others. Well, you might not understand what I mean here. It is ok because this is part of my personal thoughts… =)


Here are the last set of photos of Mamak. This set of photos is named as: “You-know-when-your-buddy-get-orgasm


mak11   mak1



Never know my buddy is such a poser. Did I influence her or this is her hidden true-self? Lol… tell me by sms k dear mamak? =P


Now I feel like going to the pool again.



And you know what?

You will be amazed with my next following post (like always). So, stay tune!


P/s: This blog will be updated very often, like 1 day 1 post because curryegg darling is having semester break! So, come back for more sharing from me… =D