15 May 2010

Current Temptation

I don’t know why but have this temptation to post up some of the photos which I’ve edited. There are still some of the works which I need to finish up before posting the real post. Well, blame to my current addiction with photo designs. My fingers just can’t stop playing with the mouse and keyboard.


At the same time, my evil thought is persuading me to post up these photos as a teaser.



#1maynme1  #2





I love the above quote:

If you have one true friend, you have more than your share.



Well, this set of photos was taken a year ago. However, I seemed to have forgotten them till I found them again in my hard disk yesterday. It is me, in long hair! Same to Mamak. Do you think I look better in long hair? Emmm….


See you guys later in my next post =)