13 May 2010

Step-By-Step Photo Editing

Don’t you think the title of this post sounds like I am providing tutorial on how to edit photo? Well, I hope I can give tutorial .IF. I am an expert in this area (at least if I personally believe in my skills).

My editing skills isn’t that bad at all lar… right? You love all most of the photos I posted, right? Say yes. Please.. say yes.

#What did I edit?

Maybe you might be curious, what did I normally edit in photos before I posted them in blog? (some of my friends did ask me). Well, you are lucky for having this chance to read my’ secret’. Emm.. not secret at all lah because most people who know how to photoshop know this (even better than my baby-little-birdy skill)… =P

They include normal editing such as putting curryegg.blogspot.com link, placing alphabets, adjusting brightness, contrast, colour and cropping. Sometimes, I did lighten the colour of my obvious pimples, scar, eye bags and black head. Well, when you love a photo so, so much but because of the ‘highlight’, they ruin the overall photo and affect your emotion. Finally, you just have give up and proceed delete button. Sound familiar?

So, don’t you think photo editing software become the hero of life? Well, I don’t mean you have to fully rely on it. No. But you can use it wisely to fit your needs.

Don’t worry, I still have single lids (eyes), moderate head size, small bobs and thin lips even though I photoshopped photos. Well, one of the reasona is mainly because… I have limited photoshop skills (I’ve told you, remember). I still haven’t master the ultimate photoshop skills. Lol.. So, I don’t look much different compare to the real person – except, I wear specs in real life.

Next, I don’t want others to see me pretty in photos but ugly in real life. Or, detect vast differences between the photo me and the real me. Don’t you think it is sad to know that you only look nice in photos but sucks in reality? Ok.. maybe I should replace the word sucks with not-so-nice. Word courtesy..

Also, I am a type of person who is very lazy… I realize that photoshopping tests patience in which you need to sacrifice time and give full concentration in editing. Since I am a non-expert photoshopper, I took longer hour to edit a picture. Plus, I am using an old version of PS. I should upgrade it. Emm.. *adding into my to-do-list*

#Which is the step-by-step work?

Anyway, let see what I have done this whole night? See what is the step-by-step work which I meant? 





currymakie3     #5

The bad thing about knowing how to edit photo is that, you can’t stop yourself from ‘improving’ the photo. You will be tempted to try putting more effects on the photo which is already good. You will try to click every button which appeared in the box to fulfill your curiosity. So, in the end of the day, you will be tired and exhausted and having no mood to blog (like me).

So, there are 2 solutions which I currently think of that can save me from being unproductiveness. First idea: Master fast and effective photoshop skills. Second idea: Don’t photoshop at all.

Photoshop or no photoshop, well, just ignore that for now. What I need you to do is to voice out your opinion by pointing out which photo you like/prefer the most among these 5. I was so excited and motivated to play with the software hours ago. Thus, came out with these 5 different type of creations.

So, don’t mind spending few seconds to let me know which number of photo look the best?

Next coming post: I think, you can guess it yourself? =)