03 June 2010

About Me

I have always wanted to write this ‘About Me’ session since 3 years ago. Well, I don’t know what stopped me from writing this. Thank to my high level of passion which I’ve just recharged, increase my determination to do this TODAY.


Yes. No more procrastination. Say yes to efficiency.


If you are a new readers of Curryegg – Not Just An Ordinary blog, you are lucky because I am going to make your life easy with this brief information 100% about me so you can feel like ‘home’ immediately.




About Curryegg


Hi there. How are you? (gosh, why I sounded so formal? I must have been very nervous. This is like a CNN interview. lol…)

Short Bio

My real name is Kelly Tan and I’m obviously a female (a lot of people thought that I’m a male with the name of curryegg. Does it sound like one to you? Hmpm!). I am a 23 years-old Malaysian Chinese, currently persuading the degree of Counseling in University of Malaya. I know Counseling and I understand Psychology. So, don’t mess with me. Lol.. =P





I love blogging, photography, listening to music, reading, traveling and creating artwork. Besides, I enjoy playing volleyball, swimming, yoga and jogging especially when I have company(ies).  Doing sport without at least a friend is boring. That’s why I don’t do much of sport lately because there is no sport subject at the campus – means no friends.. =(




I play musical instruments too such as Piano, Recorder and Guitar (not that good with strings). Maybe it’s not my destiny to follow Beethoven or Mozart’s foot steps because I quit the childhood dream of becoming a piano teacher. Well, that’s my mum’s plan actually, not mine. Anyway, I have one weird hobby – that’s singing like a STAR, while showering. Eureka! Haha.. XD


Oh ya. I love eating. Well, read my name again?





If you know Myer Briggs Typology (one of the common personality theory), I am a natural ENFP queen. Ok lah, I am not a queen yet. How about a princess? Don’t freak if you don’t understand Myer Briggs. Good website can always clear the mist. So, visit here to understand my personality (which I think is 70-80% true about me). You can discover your personality too by doing this test.


Sum: I am and like to be creative, spontaneous, empathy, sociable, out-going, expressive, adventurous,  friendly and passionate in whatever I love. The bad news is, I can be a real procrastinator. 



Why CurryEgg?

I believe, the next following point which you are so eager to know is, Why Curryegg? Don’t be surprise if I tell you that almost.. in fact, EVERYONE who first heard about the name CURRYEGG asked the same question. “Why CurryEgg?”. I asked myself the same question too back in the 20’s.



This is the survey which I’d conducted in FB about me – link1

This is the responses I received about the name curryegg – link2



Long story short, it is my nickname back in my highschool. There is one fella, named STC created this nick and spread Curryegg’s disease to almost the whole school.  I hated the calling because I felt like I’m being teased as my name Kelly Tan has been modified. For your info, Kelly Tan sounds like Curry Egg in Chinese.


Lol.. I am so nerdy.. XD


I remembered how I chased that particular gang of guys from class to class, running along the corridor and even till school field! I was the class monitor by the way. How embarrass.


Ironically, this nick becomes my 2nd choice when I was picking URL for this blog because kellytan has been picked by others. You see, as much as you hate something, it turns out to be opposite in the end. So, don’t hate if you really don’t want something to happen. lol again.


For longer story about this, proceed here.




Like you, I have dreams in my life – big or small.




1) I want to be a professional counselor especially for children, couples and family after my graduation. I know, to be in this profession in Malaysia, it is challenging because it is still new. In fact, I shall use the word ‘rare’.

Anyway, I believe that, in the end of my life, this service will grow and the society can benefit from it – because I am going to work it out together with those who have passion in this.


2) Get a PhD

3) Publish my own collection of books (or maybe journal)

4) Success in Amway business

5) Get mum a diamond ring; bring dad to watch next World Cup.

6) Get 1000 number of loyal readers who share goals & dreams (possible?)

and etc…


Hey, why not I make another post on this list? This can be very looooooooong..





By now onwards, I believe you have a better picture about me? Anyway, do keep in mind that human grows which mean we will change physically, mentally, spirituality and emotionally. So, information provided here will be kept up to date because I will definitely change.


This is the best part of being an ENFP. We love changes!

Best if you read my blog everyday to see the changes.




Now, can someone please tell me, when is my date of birthday?