05 June 2010

From A Broke Student’s Story

I can sense that I am very concern with my financial needs lately. Ever since I have stepped into my early 20’s, I become very self conscious in this area.


I don’t have income, as I am a part-time student. So, all my expenses I have to depend on my parents. I don’t come from a wealthy family. Well, I am happy with whatever I have and grateful with all the things my mum and dad have contributed into this warm family. They have scarified a lot for me, ever since they decided to bring me into this world.


Now,  they are getting older and my alarm bell is ringing loudly in my mind, alerting me that I have to take the role as the breadwinner any time soon.  Since I am the only child in the family, my roles and responsibilities are higher than those who have a few siblings who can share the parts.


I want to have strong financial support to start taking care of this family. I want to achieve my dreams, opening a Counseling firm, having my own family in a comfortable house (average size is alright) and freedom. I want to contribute to the communities by doing social work.


It is obvious that all the dreams above need high, stable income to support those desires. It means that, I need to work harder and smarter. I am not sure whether being a counselor in future can support my life? Not to mention my goals.. =_=


Well, I guess it is good that I am living in the reality, being aware of what I should do for now and future. That’s why, I am blogging frequently, hoping that my readership can boost up, more ads coming in and gain some pocket money.


At the same time, I’m doing my part time job at a children craft centre to increase my skills and experience with the population I want to work with in future. Also, I am learning ways to build my Amway business with my sponsor.


Some of you might not be happy with the idea that I am partly blogging for $$$ as you believe that blogging should be purely for interest. When you are a full-time student who can only work  for a low income part-time job during semester break in the age of 23, you will look for any method that can support your financial need.


So, I don’t care how you perceive me when I am clear with what I want in life.


I have dreams. I have responsibilities. I have future. Clearly that I need to work hard from now onwards, rather than being a parasite in the family. Don’t you agree?


I believe some of you can connect with me very well in this case, right? Tell me more about you. How do you/would you face them?


Alright. Enough mumbling. I need to sleep right now as I have to work tomorrow.





By the way, if you are interested and kind enough to help me in achieving my dreams, there are 3 things you can do to contribute and support me:



1) Visit this blog often.

2) Read my ads and click them if they attract your attention.

3) Share me any idea, information and opportunity that I can help me achieving my dreams.



I would really much appreciate your help. Thank you =)





Have a nice weekend my dear readers!

My busy days will start from today onwards till the next 2 weeks because it is school holiday. It means, more children coming to the craft centre. God bless me.