21 July 2010

New Born Kawaii Eggs Family

I think i’ve been thinking too much about eggs lately.


I stole 1/2 of my dad fried eggs last 2 days.

Sketched eggs on paper during classes yesterday.

And today, I created an egg’s family right after I reached home from classes.


Funny, don’t you think so? I wonder, am I being too obsessive over eggs?  I kidnapped my dad’s chicken eggs which he just got them from the market. Guess what I did to a box of them? To be specific, only 5 of them lah.. lol..


Hold your breath and see this:






Lol..  This is what I called, sudden inspiration. It just struck me to do something on the eggs as soon as my eyes caught sight of them.


If you’re wondering how I did them, you are lucky because I’m going to show you the secret of ingredients! Lol.. it is so simple that I shouldn’t called it a secret!


Anyway, here are the ingredients which I used.





I just drew and cut a few pair of circles as the eyes, then drew the desired eyes using marker pen. Next, stick them on the egg using glue. Yes. That’s so simple, even a 3 years old child can do.

 eggie3 For the eyes.


Attention: It is adviseable not to draw directly on the egg shell with marker pen because it is worried that the chemical might be absorbed into the egg. It is better if you use empty egg shell if you must do so.


You might be asking, “What about the hair and accessories?”.


Well, i just simply dug some of my junk stuff and took whatever I think might be useful. For example, the fluffy black ball is actually my handphone deco. It came off one day when I unintentionally pulled it too hard out from my pocket. I still keep it and this is what you see, on the egg shell. lol..


Oh ya. I used cotton pad to create the old folk hair. You can use it too! Well, better use it or you can draw on paper.









Adorable! =P


I spent about half an hour to complete these Eggies. Oh my, I am satisfied with my own work although it is an easy task. At least, I’m putting thoughts into action right? (rather than just think and forget it. Good job kelly!)


        eggie12      If there is curry in this bowl, then they will be my curry eggs! Lol..



While I was doing this so-called masterpiece, dad actually realized my attempt. Happy to say that he didn’t stop me, instead he laughed and said “they’re so cute but when can I have my eggs back?”. Lol..


Of course, I didn’t use them long after spending some minutes taking photos of my creations. I generously returned all of them, and giving mum & dad, the ‘extra’.





Well, I’m making everyone smiles whenever they open the fridge, you know?



See? =P


P/s: Mum was giggling when she saw the eggs in the fridge and claimed that she doesn’t want to eat them because they look so cute. lol.. now who is cute?