22 July 2010

Goodbye Get Crafty

The moment I got to know that today will be my last day working at Get Crafty (my current working place), I feel sad.


Although I am expecting it soon, still… I couldn’t stop myself from feeling ‘sour’ at heart. If it is not because of my packed schedule with my studies, I would just continue working for another months.


I had been to my workplace this afternoon with Jane to complete my final craft for the centre. It is a breakfast set on sweet pink frying pan. There are eggs, hotdog, cucumber and tomato.


See…. =)




This craft is suggested for student at the age of 2 1/2 and above. Any mama or papa who is reading my blog here? Get Crafty is a wonderful place for your children to have fun, doing crafts available there by their own (while you going for shopping. I’m serious!).


So, you might want to let your children to do this My Breakfast craft? =D




Talking about farewell, well…. I’m missing the children and all my friends at GC already especially Miss L.


“Kelly, faster ar. Keep up with the time”.




Hope that we will all meet again in future. Miss you all… =)


P/s: I love the fried egg on the pan.