27 July 2010


I have been pushing myself too hard lately: for outdoor activity and sport, especially playing too hard for yesterday badminton match (thx to angel for suggesting the idea).



I got flu, headache and muscles pain last night before deciding to go to bed at 1am. I believe I had been getting involved with too many outdoor activities and traveling in these few days that I hardly get enough rest.


Well, yesterday was the most interesting but tiring exercises I have ever had in my whole semester. I have not played any sport of late, not even doing my yoga =_=. Wait, not even walking for more than 15 minutes (except shopping). lol..


badminton1 My dad’s old badminton racket and now it is mine.


So, you can imagine how weak and ‘relax’ my muscles are.


This morning, i failed to wake up with a smile curved on my face. Instead, I was struggling to wake up. And now, I am typing while bearing the muscles pain at the same time.


Sorry to say that this post is all about my ‘struggles’ on the no-sport-for-a-long-time effects. I don’t feel like blogging anything else at this moment although there are plenty of things I want to share.


Will be right back when I get better.


P/s: I think I should start doing more exercises before lossing all my muscles strength… *ouch*