25 July 2010

What You Should Expect In This Blog

I think, it is good that if you know what you are going to expect from this blog (from my writing) from now onwards because there will be a slight changes in curryegg.


Well, it is not a big change actually. My writing style will still be the same. It is just that the topic which I will mostly share here is about my student’s life. Everything shared here is from a student’s perspective.


You should expect:

1) More simple and casual type of photos of me.

2) Less make-up (it melts eventually when expose too long under hot temperature. I will be in total mess and I hate it. What to do, Malaysia weather).

3) More photos of my friends, lecturers or anyone who I want them to be here.

4) At least 4 posts per week. So come back & check me often.. =)

5) More adventurous side of me.

6) More interesting posts in future!


P/s: This list will be updated from time to time.



Realizing that the chapter of me being a degree student in local university will soon coming to an end, I want to record every humble, memorable journey I have as a student. There will be another August, September, October, November and December for me. Starting by next year, I will have my internship for half a year at a selected setting.


So, I want to use my 4 1/2 months fruitfully. Not a single day will be wasted, I promise with the name of egg. I’ve already filled up my first 2 weeks with a number of adventurous events at the campus. And, you are going to see more of me being in my Curryegg’s  Unexpected Missions.


My this week photos collections in almost everyday.



Monday – first attempt playing badminton with coursemates.student1

Wednesday- Outing with coursemates & buddy after class

janenme Thursday – going out with for a small outing when classes were being cancelled.


Friday- went to clinique star tour with the gorgeous coursemates

kayak1 Saturday- Kayaking at the campus lake for the very first time (and in half formal wear)!


All of the sudden, I feel like I am writing a book named CurryEgg and now I’m working on an episode about my student life. In the next coming year, it will be a new episode about working world. Then marriage. Then mother. Then grandmother.. whoooaaa…. o_O



So, back to my question.


What you should expect from this blog?












More about my student life at campus (while I still can offer you)