03 July 2010

Quick Update On Wedding Day

What am I doing currently you might ask?


Since it has been like 3 days (which feel like a week) I have not updated my blog, I believe you might be curious on how I am. Well, pretend you are if you are not. Hmpm.


Just an hour ago, I was disappointed with the football result. Brazil lost! Oh my God! How I am hoping they will go further. Not that soon. Sighhh…. I can’t watch Kaka playing with his tactful skills anymore =((


Ok. This is not an important highlight I suppose. I should blog about my cousin’s wedding.






I have attended her first day of wedding night at hers house and it was a great moment. I managed to meet up with my aunts, uncles and cousins!!!


It is good to always be able to catch up with them under one roof.


I wear the same top and shorts again. It shows how much I love them clinging on me. It’s comfy and stylish which I don’t feel like keeping them in wardrobe just because I have wore it before.




And, what I really want to share is the pictures of my dear gorgeous cousin with her night blue dress. She totally looks fab this evening dress.



Tomorrow will be the real big day of hers. So, I will be really busy with all those wedding stuff (and food). lol..




I have my pink polish nails ready although it is not that perfect. Nail polishing really tests one’s patience. Because of I have less patience in waiting, 3 of my nails have been ruined with accident scratches. I may do it again tomorrow morning, IF I can wake up on time.


I should really sleep now or I will miss the big day. Love ya =)