17 July 2010

How To Create A Memorable Final Year

As I have told you before, this July 2010 till May 2011 will be my final year of my Counseling course. Time flies. Really.


I still remembered my sophomore year when everything was new, fresh and strange to me. University is crazily different from high school. Well, I am talking about the vast area of the whole campus. Imagine, my university owned 5 gates, 12 hostels, emm… 12 faculties? Not too sure with the exact number faculties.


Oh ya, there are thousands of students, staff and lecturers! And, did i miss out mentioning about the swimming pool, gym, tennis court, lake, garden and libraries? There are international students here too! Cool right?


If you ask me to compare high school and university, all i can say is that.. high school is just like emmm… a peanut. huh..


I guess, some of you who have entered university can pretty much connect with my excitement, don’t cha? I believe you can understand how ‘alien’ i feel during in my sophomore year. Courses are new, friends are new, lecturer are superbly scary (cos most of them look so serious at first sight. i dont know why, lol), place is new and culture is totally different! Frankly, it took me almost 1 semester (3-4 months) to adapt with my first year lifestyle.


Well, all these memories are as if they had just happened yesterday. Time flies. Time really flies.




Now that I am in my final year… *emo*


Being aware of my age the remaining time I have at my campus, I want to use it wisely. So, here come the long list of what I want to do in this whole semester.


My MUST DO list while I’m still a student.

1) Snap pictures of myself at every corner of the campus

2) Get candid pictures of my coursemates or lecturers (most probably). Lol..

3) Make the best assignment I had ever done before

4) Make surprises for the Queen (are you game on this to my coursemates who are reading this?)

5) Go for outdoor activities in the campus

6) Organize an 2 days 1 night outing with the coursemates

7) Get to know my juniors

8) Create dramas

9) Organize/Join in campus event(s)

10) Celebrate my last birthday with the course mates, maybe?

11) Hide chicken eggs everywhere! lol.. should i?



I think, this is so far what I can think of. I should improve this list from time to time. All of the sudden, I feel energetic and passionate with this whole idea. Yes! More goal-oriented, goal focus and more excitement!



Let’s see what I can do.


P/s: Photos above are taken 2 years ago when I was attending my cousin’s graduation day. See, time flies!