10 July 2010

Astro Xiao Tai Yang

Have you heard of Astro Xiao Tai Yang?



I just can’t control my excitement from sharing this news! The crew came to our work place for program recording.


And I!

And I!

And I……………


managed to grab a good picture with Daniel and the team! Of course, with my colleagues as well.




Frankly, this Astro Xiao Tai Yang team is really professional with their work. I’d witnessed the whole recording in these few days. They work and at the same time joke and play around after each chapter of job was done.


Also, they are really friendly with everyone including us. No showing ‘high price’. That’s one of the values which I admire them, and their work =)




Ok. Back to my story.

Yesterday, I took a picture with this local celebrity, Daniel… *big smile*



Today, I made a quick handmade craft and let him signed for me! At first, I thought I will do that for mum. However, after giving myself a deep thought, I want to keep it for myself! Well, my mum is actually the big fans of him. Lol… XD


It is my first time taking close picture with celebrity (except blogger celebrities like kennysia, nicolekiss, pinkpau, timothy tiah, cheesy, kyspeak and lotsa moreee).


Also, it is my first time asking for autograph… *jumping around*


Can you see my name, the date and small notes for me? FOR ME? I sound so hyped up… kekezz.. XD


Despite of my tiredness of working, I still feel extremely happy in the inside. I got free lunch, good chat with the colleagues, gave good lessons to my student, created new craft and shook hand with Daniel. This month must be my fab month! =D


I think I should frame it and share the happiness with my mum. Haha.. psstt… make her jealous =P


P/s: Daniel has good sense of humour and can sing very well especially when he played with his guitar.


P/p/s: I just realized that I sounded like a crazy fans. Did I? I don’t think so. I want Crystal’s autograph next week! She is my idol since I was 5! =D