30 July 2010

Despicable Me, Lunch & Dessert

I have a great time!!!


#1 Despicable Me (A Must Watch Movie)

Yeah. A great, great time with my coursemates when Dr.D’s class has been cancelled. We watched Despicable Me which is seriously a MUST WATCH movie. Well, if you like something light, hilarious and entertaining, then this movie is definitely for you and your friends (or even parents, grandparents, boyfriend, children, spouse or ANYONE!)


Despicable Me (2010)


Well, I highly recommend that you should watch this movie at least with a companion because you will enjoy the whole movie by sharing the laugh-out-loud moment with someone you care - like me.


Today, Shu Huan, Rani, June and I spent this laughed-till-tears-drop-and-stomach-pain movie together. In almost every 10-15 minutes (or less), there will be laughter created by us. Lol.. i wonder, when is the last time I watched something as good as this?



This is the scene when the evil fake dad slowly turning into a sweet real daddy. ahhwww……

despicable_me_movie_image_04 I love this roller coaster moment as the animation is so real! It’s like I am sitting a roller coaster. Lol.. that’s reminded me about my experience in genting!


Despicable-Me It’s so fluffy that I gonna die! Lol.. XD


The best attack scene that I’ve ever seen– using errmm… butt..? LOL


The cutest, sweetest and funniest characters ever! They are sooooooo adorable.             po pooi~~


Watch this short trailer if you still don’t trust me.


Time being together is always a treasurable moment for me. Call me sentimental or emotional, I really feel grateful for every blessed moment I have with these lovely ladies. Although there are not many people who can make it for the movie today, still I love today so much.


#2 Deli France (Good Food But Unfriendly Service @Midvalley)


We went to have lunch right after the movie ended. Shu huan went back early, and being replaced by bei shan after that. Well, shu huan had to rush back because she has a class while bei shan was late and just coming for lunch.




We dined at Deli France while waiting for bshan (who is normally late. lol..) Another highlight of the day is that, Deli France is having promotion till thie end of July by offering cheap lunch. RM6 per plate of paste like this:



My Pasta Forestiere.outing4


The food is good but not the service. We weren’t been served properly, most probably because of we look like student (well, we are students but that doesn’t mean we are not eligible for consumer’s right) who are so broke that we can only order the promoted food. Kinda feel pissed off when we were not taken seriously.



June & Rani


Anyway, my mood wasn’t been much affected because the companies matter. Having June and Rani with good food are more than enough. Not to forget about the self-photography moment… always.. =D



#3 Dessert – Jonker Streets + I Love Yoo (Well, normal)

Once bei shan reached, we moved on to another light food attempt. We wanted dessert like ice kacang, bubur chacha and soy milk so we sat foot on The Garden, Jonker Streets. It was another great experience makan there with the ladies.




P/s: Soy milk is mine from I Love Yoo. It is nice but kinda costy, RM2.90 per glass.


outing10  photoftheday We have so much fun that her expression says it all…



Again, we joked all the while till we finally say goodbye. Well, good time always passes fast, don’t you agree?




Looking forward for another amazing day tomorrow. It’s gonna be one =)


P.s: Appreciate all the little things around you as you will come to understand the meaning of life in the end of the day.


This is what I’ve discovered so far. That’s the reason why I give my best effort to record down all the events which had happened in my life in this blog. My brain might not be able to store all the records when I am aging, right?


So, love life and appreciate every single moment. God bless =)