02 June 2010

New Small Eggie

I can feel the excitement in me when it comes to new stuff. New thing, new food, new place and whatever new (except people) trigger my curiosity and interest to explore and discover them out. It is like, I can spend days and nights figuring something till I get the satisfaction in the end of the day.


Weird, but this is me. (lucky that I am still keeping this old blog. lol)


I have been spending some days, figuring out about tumblr.com. This is one of the hot website that offer free blogging service to the public, just like blogger but slightly different. This is called the micro blogging platform to people who like posting something short and sweet in their own corner.




I have explored and learned about tumblr and find it very interesting. You can post photo, link, text, quote, video and audio almost instantly. If you are a regular twitter, tumblr gives you the same instant update services. You can get photo from the website (using URL), paste the code and start writing a few lines. Within 30 seconds, the post is ready to be posted.


Well, I guess people nowadays want something which is fast, compact and easy services. Not much people like reading article which is as long as this. Sigh… =(




If you are belong to the above category, I think tumblr.com will be a good place for you. I personally think that tumblr.com is like a combination of traditional blog + twitter.



Blog+twitter = tumblr.



Not wanting to left behind, I have created curryegg.tumblr.com and started tumblring. Frankly, the experience of using tumblr.com is quite interesting and fun. So, I have decided to keep this blog running.


It is called the ‘New Small Eggie”.



Visit: http://curryegg.tumblr.com




This new corner will be filled with more personal stories of mine, something which you normally can’t get in this curryegg.blogspot.com.


The objective of this New Small Eggie blog might be improved from time to time as I am still learning what I can do with this new website.


Maybe.. I say maybe.. this website can be used as a place to share all those dark secret of ours? Since I can ask for contribution from visitors. Or… I can make it a place to sell my curry egg recipe? Cool!



So, who have dark secrets?

Or who want to pre-order my curry egg? lol…


Questions: Do you have a tumblr account? How did you find it? Do you love or dislike the service?