27 June 2010

1 Goal: Education For All

If you don’t receive any education, you are nobody.


This is the first message that struck my mind while reading ‘Why Join 1Goal’ article at www.join1goal.org.


I never realize that quality education is crucial to an individual’s life. Maybe it is because I have been given without having to fight for one, or maybe it is because I think everyone should get one. So, most of the time, I take education for granted.




Feeling guilty to even admit this, that sometimes, I feel education is a burden for me because throughout my student’s life, it is filled with homework, projects, assignments and tests. I was living in constant stress completing all the given tasks at school and I thought it is a big deal. I complained and cursed a lot, which now I feel so bad and sorry to myself and people who don’t stand a chance to receive education.



My mum is right.

I am living in wealthy and harmonious life which I have yet aware of because most of the time, I am focusing  more on what I don’t have rather than what I already have.



After watching this video clip, I understand why mum always reminds me on how lucky my life is compare to children in Africa.


A Must Watch Clip!

This clip really touched my heart.


And Nelson Mandela is right:

“Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world”.


Thanks to Youthsays for showing this campaign. Also, thank to all the people who fight so hard in creating the awareness of 1Goal: Education For All campaign as it has reminded me on how lucky I am to be given education since I was 3.


Also, this campaign has inspired me to send this important message to the society (you who are reading this) and leaders of the World (i wonder if they read my blog?) that every children should stand a fair chance in getting quality education. We should focus on this goal and work it together. Just like what Shakira is doing in this clip.



How to participate?


1goal1 This is my yellow card.

We: Register yourself at www.join1Goal.org and send your message in your own ‘Yellow Card’. Invite your friends too. We are targeting 10 million messages from us.

The world leaders: Working  on the 2015 promises.




If reading all this makes you tired, then just head on to this video clip which explain the objective of this post.




I have done my part, how about you?




By the way, I am starting to appreciate, treasure and thankful with my student life right now. No more complain. In fact, I want to contribute to the world using whatever I have learned from schools in order to benefit the society.


I am thinking….. emmm… how about being a volunteer as a teacher or counseling for a short period of time in Africa?