01 June 2010

The Reflective Princess

In another 15 minutes, the brand new, mystery and juicy month will arrive. Gosh! Why is my heart beating so furiously?


*dup dap dup dup dap dup dap dap*


While waiting for June (not Si June k? lol. She is my coursemate) to conquer my calendar, I would love to make a small recap on what I have done in this past 5 months. I think, this is a good time to recall both of my achievements and failures before starting the brand new month. Well, I don’t want to recycle my New Year Resolution in year 2011 as a result of the same mistakes – talk only but no action.




So, it is crucial that I do this little reflective work. Small effort leads to big success. Yes?


I’ve visited my 1st post of 2010 (here is the link) which is about my new year hopes awhile ago (it is always good that you keep a blog or diary to keep track on what YOU HAVE PROMISED!). I have called this my Action Year, in which I will focus on taking action and making my dreams come true – rather than just think, plan and do nothing. Besides, I have even made myself a motto: Live Life With No Regrets.


Of course. I still remember all my hopes and promises, though not as clear as before. If you ask me, how far have I put plans into action with the scale of 1-10, with 1 is the least. Emm… I would say… I.. have just achieved 3 out of 10. Bad uh? Not even 50% when we are almost living half of 2010 year.



Small recap:



Things which I’ve done


  • Enrolled myself in acting class
  • Tuned my mood for studies in new semester
  • New experience: Joining Kaun’s team for campus election
  • Get into Amway business. Attended an amazing seminar for leadership, relationship and business.
  • Good job on Unlock-Your-Heart poster.


  • Got myself a list of clients for counseling assignments
  • Made artwork for Valentine gift




  • 2 weeks of holiday (enjoy to the max!)
  • Spend a great week with friends & families.
  • Found my part time job
  • Working


While jotting down my 5 months of histories into the above table, I realized that I actually don’t achieve that much. I mean, I don’t feel fulfilled at all although there are some highlighted events which I should be happy for. The main goals have not been achieved yet. Failed.


One thing which I should do earlier, is to write down those goals which I want to hit precisely. When one can describe what she wants in life and explain how to achieve them clearly, for sure she can achieve it. Don’t you think so?




One of the goals I must reveal and you should know is:


I want to make this blog a more happening place. It will be filled with more inspiring and interesting posts that will keep you coming back for more. Of course, not to forget more spiciness from CurryEgg!


How much will this blog transform starting by today (1 June 2010)? Well, it is for me to work out and for you to find out!




Seriously, if I didn’t take this decision to reflect and recap my past achievements, I believe I am still sleeping in my slumberland. For sure, I will wake up in the end of the year and regretting for not using my time wisely.




So, I am glad that I’ve taken this action. At least, I have another 7 months to work on my goals. Now, I can see that I am being responsible with myself, and my life even better.


How about you? Did you make your new year resolution too? Have you achieve them? If yes, what have you achieved? If no, what are you going to do next?


P/s: I am going to produce more goal-oriented blog posts after this.