31 January 2010

Too Much Drama

Of late, I am such a dramatic person.


Well, don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean that I am turning into a histrionic person – not at all. (If I do, well.. I am not sure what will happen to me and my blog. One thing for sure, everything will be covered with bling bling stuff. Cool!).


So, no histrionic but dramatic. What’s this all about?


I didn’t update my blog in these few days because I was packed with my life in campus. Lol.. I sound like a very dedicated student although I am not. Am I?


kaun law


Here are some summaries on what had happened in my life in this whole, exciting week. I’m trying to reduce my procrastination in writing about my stories. So many things to write but so little time.. =(


#1 First of all, it is about the election day in my campus, University of Malaya.


I was one of the representatives for Tan Kee Aun who is the candidate. I believe you have read about this in my previous post. No? Well, read choose freedom because you don’t wanna miss any of the pictures, right? =)


We, the Green team were busy running for the campaign in the campus for the past few days (since Tuesday to Wednesday). It was a short period, only 2 days (to do our manifesto legally). So far, this is the shortest campaign I had ever experienced in the campus because previously, it took at least 1 week to run the campaign.




Although it was just a short moment, it was an amazing one. I could never imagine how adventurous and wonderful the journey could be, running for the campaign with a bunch of AWESOME PEOPLE. Yes. They are terribly awesome and I couldn’t find any other better vocabulary to define them.


kaun team1


I will never forget my first meeting with the few of them: Adilah, Firdaus, Terrance, Ruth, Gorge and Lavania in the MPMUM meeting room to paint the black and white banners. I was quite an introvert (which weird in my case) that day when I met them because I was new and had no idea on how to initiate nor join in their conversations (since they already know each other). Plus, my English isn’t that fluent. Well, I don’t have good English background and most of my friends and family members speak Chinese or Malay. So, I felt slightly apart.


Anyway, it didn’t take long for me to get in to the group because all of them are so friendly and warm. They make me feel like I have known them for ages. That’s the reason why I say, they are the AWESOME PEOPLE with positive energy. I’m lucky to be invited to join the team. Thank you Kee Aun, and my dear friends.. *hugs*



Somehow, it didn’t work quite well with Gorge during in our first meeting. There was an awkward silence in the beginning of our conversation.


Me: Hi Gorge.

Gorge: What’s up?

Me: Emm… good day.

Gorge: *silence*Good day?

Me: *puzzle* (can’t I say good day? something new mah)

Gorge: *shocked* Good day?

Me: Well… I’m joking..

Gorge: *turning to Lavania and Kee Aun* Can you believe it? She said good day?

Me: *blushed* Well… o_O


Ahhww.. seriously, I was embarrassed for answering him with the answer. I thought of, why not saying something different, other than fine? or great? Treating it as a joke. Didn’t know the respond will be…. urgh.


I told Ilyana on the next day and she laughed like mad.. fine.. =_=




Back to my story about the election day.


Tan Kee Aun failed to get into the MPMUM list with 2800 votes. The votes aren’t enough for him to join the MPMUM this year. No dancing in the rain with joy, shouting and singing the song of freedom and no buffet (ignore this part.. i am currently hungry over here while blogging this. lol).


The news did disappoint me when Kee Aun announced his loss in the election on Thursday evening (about 7.30pm). I was upset. We had been working so hard for the campaign but failed to get in to the final round. Somehow, he did cheer me up (and other sms readers) with a motivating and thankful words in the end of the message.


 kaun's girls3


“Tan Kee Aun – 2800 votes. It wasn’t enough. But we have gained so much more than that. Much much more.. =) Thank you for all your support. Thank you for believing in us. Thank you for being free”.


He is right. We have actually gained a lot even though we failed to make it into the final stage. We have gained a good bonding of friendship especially among the 7 of us (Adilah, Firdaus, Lavania, Jess, Kee Aun, Ruth & I).
kaun's girls1
kaun's girls2
Of course, not to forget Jon and Terrance too. We ran, we sang, we danced, we screamed, we laughed, we hugged and we joked together in these past few days. Besides, we have sent the message that freedom is a choice.
kaun econs1
kaun econs2         kaun econs3
To have freedom, you should know how to play your part: that’s to know how to choose for yourself. Next, we have entertained so many parties – the students, the lecturers and even the crew from NTV7. Lol..




I know they love us so much because we are awesome. Lol.. Watch this if you don’t believe in me.



Last but not least, we have gained a lot of trust and unconditional support from the students who believe in us. Of course, the credit should be given to Kee Aun because he really played his part well and leaded the whole team with organizeed strategy. He is a real good leader, who is not just ambitious in achieving his dream but also a friend who will care for his team-mates. For example, he will let the team to rest and encourage some of us to attend classes. Ahhww… isn’t he just so nice?


In my case, I have learned a few great lessons during in this period of time:


  1. You can be friends with almost anybody (it’s just a matter of if you want to)
  2. How to turn friends into family
  3. Be daring.
  4. How to sing properly (oops)
  5. Leadership skill
  6. How to persuade the lecturers to allow the team to do their manifesto.
  7. How to accept & deal with rejection
  8. Green look good on me
  9. Get into TV (with attention grabbing performances of course. lol)



Thank God for everything you have planned for me. Thank you for showing these lovely people to me as I have learned so much from them. Hope to see them again in future (which I believe we will). Yes? =)


#2 Bones Cracking & Muscles Pain


If you still remember, I did tell you about my ‘virgin excitement’ for taking acting class this semester. Acting class is something new to me because I have never taken any ‘artistic class’ other than art and music class.


Somehow, the excitement slowly reduces. It turns into a scary experience – Bone Cracking and Muscles Pain class. Why? You’re asking me why? I have never been told that students in the acting class will have to do exercises (like yoga)  in the class for a straight 2 hours. Well, it wasn’t a big problem for me to do all the streching stuff. But at least, tell me earlier because I was struggling while doing all those moves with my JEANS.


I know. I should wear something appropriate during in the class because we have been told earlier. But because of I have to help Kee Aun with the campaign, I couldn’t wear anything else, except jeans (as i have to walk all around the campus area).


So, in the end of the class, my bones and my muscles were in great pain – like an old lady who fall down from 20 stairs.. =(


camwhore  Self-timer


However, the funny thing is.. I was energetic when it comes to CAM-WHORING! You know me right.. when there are mirrors… you will see my images from the mirror in my camera.. kekekz.. XD



This time, I have my friends with me… siap dengan posing lagi.. lol.



It is good to have this collection of photos because it will record all my memories including the bones and muscles pain experiences.. =_=





#3 Kabhi khushi kabhi gam


Rani, one of my coursemates took her ‘salwar kameez’ (Preetilata told me in facebook about the name of this beautiful costume) to class on Friday and she persuaded me to wear it. In fact, she forced me! *serious tone*.



Ok lah.. I am just joking. I was the one who wanna try it as I was so curious.


I got ‘wow’ from my audience and they said I look nice. Yeah, I do agree with them because this costume fits me well. Somehow, I look funny because the trousers look so Aladdin to me.. =P


thai3 copy

Why he is so tall. Zz.


What do you think? Nice?


thai2 copy 


I guess, there will have no more drama in the coming week. It will be a more serious and formal one, because I am start giving counseling session to my clients. I have received a few appointments and I shall prepare myself starting by now.


Thank you for giving me such a memorable experiences. Love everyone of you here. Muacks.


P/s: Thank to Benjamin for your awesome photos.