18 January 2010

I Am A Real Chinese

I mean…. A Malaysian Chinese.


Although I have single eye-lids, I am still a Malaysian Chinese. Hey! Why am I saying this? *pinch my cheeks*


The reason is, I am afraid that you might get confuse when you see me in hot red, cheong sam for the very first time.





So, what do you think? Nice?


No matter what.. you will still have to agree with me that I look fabulous in this new, red half cheong sam. Or else, you will have night-mare 7 days in a row, starting by tonight… *serious tone*





All these photos were taken yesterday, during in a wedding dinner of my mum’s friend’s son. This is the first time I met uncle’s son although I know him like… 13 years ++? Emm… can’t remember the exact total number of years of knowing him.



Uncle CP, me and mum


I am honored to attend the wedding because it was so happening, so warm, so happy. The atmosphere was awesome as it was in a restaurant. Love the decoration, the music being played, the crowds and the air-conditioned hall… :)


Besides reasons about the crowds and the restaurant, it is also obvious that I am happy for my new 1/2 cheong sam! Well, why 1/2 cheong sam? Because it is just the top, not a real cheong sam dress.



Also, I could spend a good time, chit chatting with my god-brother, Calvin and my friend, Sum Yi at the wedding. Of course, with other aunties and uncles too.. =P



Calvin & I


Calvin will be leaving Malaysia soon to study abroad. That is the reason why I have to snap more pictures with him. Same thing goes to Sum Yi too as we don’t really get much chances to meet each other. She is now, busy with her work. That’s good because she is doing something she loves – the expert of food and hotel management. Yum… ^^


wedding6 copy

Sum Yi & I


I seriously feel good, wearing this new Chinese top because it is a present from my mum. I could hardly belief that mum really allow me to buy this, despite of the price. Well, actually, it was mum who have this ‘love-at-first-sight phenomenal’ when she first stepped in her favorite brand corner at a shopping mall yesterday. She told me, she was so in love with this red top, however there is no size that fits her.




        wedding11       I thought I will not buy it. Thus snapping a picture for remembrance.


I was asked to try the top by my mum as she really hope to see how it looks like on me, if not hers. Guess what? It fits me well. My heart was shaken looking at my reflection on the mirror. I had never own any top like this in my life, well, except the singlet cheong sam in t-shirt quality that mum bought be 7 years ago.


Seriously, I had never thought of buying this top, thinking of the price and chances of wearing this. If not wearing to special occasion, this top will most likely resting in my wardrobe, like my other dresses. And, and… you can’t wear it for every future occasion as it will bore others who have seen it, even myself too.


The 1/2 cheong sam top, like I’ve said.


Anyway, I took the top after putting on my thinking cap for almost 1 hour. Thank you mum and aunt (mum’s colleague) for persuading me, or else I will not own it proudly.. :D




Of course, I should keep on thanking my mum for purchasing this fab Chinese top for me. I feel bad for complaining about my parents in my previous post (for good reasons). As I have said, I know they love me just, sometimes I don’t agree with their ways in perceiving things.


Sad that daddy was not that or else, this will be a family album.. :)



Well, this is what we call: Human. Being humans, is to allow ones to be imperfect (quotes from curryegg)


Mum is kinda blog-shy. She doesn’t want me to post her picture in my blog. Well, I don’t care. I want my children to see how gorgeous she is in future.. =)



Thank you again mum! I love you so, so much… :D

*jumping all around*



I should wear this top in most of the occasion: Chinese New Year, Grandma’s birthday celebration, Dad’s Birthday, Mum’s birthday, Eric’s Birthday, God brother and sisters’ birthday, National Day and.. what else?