26 January 2010

Unlock With Right Key

You know what?


I am doing the ‘last minute work….. again.

Haizz… I wonder, when will I turn into an ‘early worker’ like Asha, Soon Tatt or Shu Huan? (people whom I know good in early work)


When ar?


I’m probably tired of figuring out the answer. I don’t know when or how to be one and I am not sure do I have to be one? What a dilemma thought I have now. According to Myer Briggs’s personality test, I am in the ENFP category. One of the weaknesses that I will always remember about the ENFP-ian is the habit of being last minute.


Think of the fashion designer, the music composer, the artist or the writer. Most work is done spontaneously and nearing the deadline. I guess, even if they do it early, they will still end up not finishing their work because there will be too much of idea running in their heads and they have difficulty in finalizing their works.




In my case, I have problem in picking up ideas. Well, I don’t mean I have qualities like a fashion designer, artist, musician or etc. No. I don’t think I am nearing those jobs nor the creative level. Anyhow, I do have difficulties in choosing the most ideal idea as there are so many thoughts which are created within hours, or maybe minutes. Well, well, well… those fast-pace thoughts are mostly successfully being created during critical moment – that is nearing deadlines.


Don’t tell mum. She will assume that I am lazy and good in giving excuses (which is not, k?)


So, this is the reason why, I am claiming that, I am doing last minute work, again. It happened just yesterday in which I have to submit my manila card size poster today (25th Jan 2010). I did manage to do it earlier although this work had been given like 3 weeks in advance.. haizz… why I so like that? =_=


Yesterday, another critical day where I squeezed my brain juice as hard as I could to get a few drops of inspiration so that I can finish my work on time with satisfaction. Although I am a last minute worker, I still want my work to be perfect (talking about perfect, I have written a post about being perfectionist before).


This time, I didn’t work alone because I have both my dad and mum’s help. Since this poster is targeted to employee who work in an organization, seeking advice from both the adults may help me in doing a better job – and I am right =)


After the ‘meeting’ with both my parents, I came up with this idea:





Seriously, I love this work so much – simple, professional and creative. Well, I don’t know how it appears to you, but I wish it looks in these ways.




It took me like whole evening till midnight to finish this up. The 'red heart’ took a long time to be done. Lotsa work.. Anyway, I am satisfy with it.



Before submitting my work to my lecturer, a photo of me & the poster must be taken or else, you might be questioning am I the real owner. So, here you are, the proof =P


I guess, I am too obsess with it or maybe too clever because I am using it for my counseling publicity. I am currently looking for clients and hope that this poster will help me attract your attention.. ;)




Thank mum and dad for the help and advice. Love you so much <3


P/s: There are still rooms for improvement. Maybe you can share with me on how the poster speaks to you and how can I improve it for better? Comments, critics and suggestions are most welcome. tq.



Current Obsession:


My very first light pink nail polish. Bought this for RM10 in the Beauty Fair (forgotten the exact name of the theme) at Midvalley, 2 weeks ago. Love it so much.



Tomorrow will be a fun day – because I will be doing the ‘green’ work.. ;)