04 January 2010

Being A Sister Rocks!

If you haven’t read my previous post on The Only Child Story, may I suggest you to read it first before reading the following passage as this will help you to gain deeper understanding about – ME.


Well seriously, I didn’t expect responses from you regarding to my assignment work. I thought it will be a plain story for you as it consists of so many words and obviously just about me. And, I am grateful that no one say I am a spoilt brats after reading the post. Seriously, I hate being a spoilt brats and I am kinda sensitive if I receive any comment similar or equivalent to this. *serious tone*




So, back to my Sabah trip story. I hate to say that I got confuse on where I should start writing about my Sabah trip story as there are so many things I wanna share with you, including photos and personal experiences. They are so, so much! Besides, I have this feeling that I have shared most of the stories with you via twitter. Thus, I don’t feel like writing from A-Z or Z-A. Well, should I?





Anyway, I have finally decided to write about my sisterhood experience first before writing my days at the island and Kinabalu mountain because I don’t wanna forget my feeling and experiences after this. I wanna treasure them with words and photos as they are so precious to me.




As you now, I am the only child in the family. So, it makes sense if I say that I have never been a real sister before. Well, if being a sister to a bunch of cousins, I would say yes but the feeling of being a sister, emm… I would say, not much.


During in this Sabah trip, I got this golden chance to be a sister – like a real sister to 2 biological younger sisters. Ary and Alice are the girls whom I meant here.




I have a marvelous and exciting 5-days-and-4-nights Sabah vacation especially with these 2 girls. We were like playing so madly until the parents (my parents and theirs parents) were worried about us. In fact, I would say that the parents were suspicious to my capability in taking care of them when we were fighting so hard to get a room just for the 3 of us. We had planned to stay together the night before we fly off to Sabah.





Somehow or rather, the parents gave in and allowed me to look after them – but with certain conditions:


  1. Sleep early
  2. Be safe
  3. Discipline



Well, we did quite well for the 3 mentioned conditions. Kinda proud with our team-work. They are so lovely, helpful and understanding, and it is not that hard to reach the lobby on time each day… So proven : I’m a trust-worthy sister. Any gold medal for me? lol..





Our first night at Sabah was the craziest one. We did so many self-photography moments in front and beside of the Christmas tree (with the help of my mum).




I brought along the Christmas caps (another 1 borrow from the waitress) from my house to Sabah with the hope to enjoy Christmas to the fullest together.


mas25 mas26 mas27 

Christmas in Sabah was seriously quite, if compare to Kuala Lumpur. I hardly spot any crowds except at the restaurant. In order to create an unforgettable Christmas memory in Sabah, I decided to make our own playground. Guess what, it was in our hotel lobby!




I just couldn’t imagine how fun we had that night. Even the receptionists were stunned with our behaviors – well, who care when you can provide us happiness? =_=




Ignoring those stares, we played, posed and snapped. Thus, here are the production as you can see here. My mum were having fun too that night, being our private camera-woman. hahaha…


And that night didn’t just end there. The 3 of us were still playing with our camera even while we were BRUSHING OUR TEETH!!!


mas20 Someone doing chicken little.. lol



We even did video recording on ourselves – BUT, NOT GONNA SHOW IT!


These are so far our first night at Sabah. If you can get the hint, you will understand immediately that these 3 faces will keep on appearing in my blog if I am going to blog more about my Sabah experiences. Sorry, you have no choice. Lol..




My words for the girls:

Thanks for allowing me to be your sister for all these while. Although I have never mentioned about my feeling, I would like you to know that I am happy and grateful to have both of you as my lovely sisters. I may not be sensitive with your needs and feelings sometimes (whenever we get the chance to meet up) as I don’t really know how exactly a sister’s role should be. I am trying my best to be as caring as I can, hoping that I can lend you my ears and shoulders whenever you need them.


Thanks again for all the memories you have given me. May we create more memorable chapters in the coming years. At the same time, I would like to exclaim that:


“Being a sister, ROCKS!!!”

(if you get good siblings of course.. =P)