16 January 2010

Bye Bye Ugly, Hello Beautiful =)

Notes: This post is supposed to be publish on the 14th Jan but due to some problem, it has been postponed till now.


Hey guys!


There is something I wanna share, which is about my first time experience using OH card with my coursemates. It took place in Mrs Nicole’s 3-hours-workshop this afternoon in my faculty.


Like always, I love attending Mrs Nicole’s class as it is so inspiring, warm, motivating, loving, understanding, accepting and so on and forth. Well, I believe my coursemates are feeling the same too. She is just so… Carl Rogers… Humanistic counselor: genuine and empathetic.


 coursemate copy


Being in her class for 2 semesters in a row really help me in improving myself as a person. Besides, my understanding in Counseling (especially about group counseling) has improved drastically. I am really grateful and thankful for having her as my lecturer. Words can’t describe how grateful I am.. *hugs*


Unfortunately, this semester (and the coming ones), we are not going to have her as our lecturer. So, attending her first F.O.C workshop about OH Card is really a great opportunity for most of us to explore more about this amazing tools. Besides, I get the chance to meet her! *ma ma.. ma ma.. lol..* (later kena smack) :D


Notes: To understand what is OH Card, just google “OH Card”. You will find good explanation from other websites.


I was again, being assigned as the facilitator for my group. My first time, being an OH card facilitator was during in UPM, when Nicole was in need of helper. Since I am the nearest student who she can get during in the semester break, I was invited to help her. Being a facilitator to a group of strangers is a real challenge for me, especially when most of them are adults. Somehow, the worried wasn’t that overwhelming because all of them are so friendly and open. I could lead the group quite well and it was a success. In the end of the day, the 10 of us become friends and stay connected in Facebook. Lol..


This time, it was between my coursemates and I. It was a challenge because… because… because.. i wasn’t that ready. I was still with my holiday mood.. adoi.. sorry to say that but till now, I am still having this ‘holiday mood’ and I can’t get rid of it.. =_=



Anyway, the 7 of us did really well throughout this whole 2 hours session. We could share something personal about us, connect our issues with others and also, very supportive.


Firstly, we have to pick 2 card at the same time; 1 with only word card and 1 with only picture card. Then, think, reflect and connect ourselves with the card and word. Try to think of an issue/issues which we can connect with the card. This is just the general idea.



Guess what? I got the ‘ugly’ word and a half full glass picture. Just a split second, I could connect myself with the cards almost immediately. For all this while, wait.. not all this while lah.. I mean, during in my teenager life, I was a really low self-esteem girl. My confident level was low when it comes to physical appearance. I think, I did share with you in my old posts.


Mum always reminded me, how small my eyes are. Dad never ever think that his daughter is beautiful. How do I know? Well, I asked him before, whether am I beautiful or not in his opinion. Guess what he replied? “Uh? My daughter? Like that also call beautiful ar?”


Ok. Fine.. =_=


I believe, parents play an important role in building up a child’s self-esteem because they are the nearest and closest people in the family. Also, they are the ones who create us. So, if they don’t think their daughter or son is good, who else? Well, I don’t blame my parents for this because I know they love me. They just don’t realize the impact because I never told them.





Besides my parents, the society do affect my perspective in defining the word ‘beautiful’. To be beautiful, you must have hot body figure, organize eyebrows, juicy lips, attractive eyes, keep up to fashion, stunning shoes and etc. If you don’t have them, you are not beautiful. That’s the message I received especially from the media.


Well, ask yourself: “Have you ever come across with any photo of your favorite celebrities that look ugly?”. Aren’t they look so perfectly beautiful? (they have a group of hairstylists, make-up artists and photographers who help them behind the scene during in each photography/movie session. Oh ya.. and photoshop).


Well, I didn’t know about that till in my 20’s.


I guess, the above reasons explained why I could connect myself pretty well with the cards? I don’t feel myself ugly, but I feel that I am not pretty. Frankly, it is not a big issue which will affect my life. No. But it is something which I have been reflecting and thinking on myself and people around me. It is something which I have kept in myself for quite some times, till this time.. my insecurity feeling showed up in the group.


Which is good because, in the end of the session, I received a few very motivating and inspiring words from my coursemates. They told me something which I don’t know. Emm… secret… =P


Having the awareness of my own insecurity, I feel relief. I don’t see it as a weakness because it actually teaches me to be brave to face and accept the imperfect me. Something which is good because I can be more acceptance towards myself and also people around me who face similar problem. Like Kit Yen said, bad situation can turn into strength.



Thank you my dear coursemates for sharing your personal stories, views and offering sincere compliment. Although we were not that close with each other, we still managed to share our private story (for the sake of personal group). That’s what we want in group counseling, yes?


And you know what? You have just brighten up one little girl’s day – and life.. Thank you.. =)




Hey! Now I remember, I haven’t write a column for ‘about me’ in this blog. Gosh.. there are so much to write, but so little time. Lol.. excuses again. Will see how.. till my inspiration is here.. again.. =)


Before I end this post, I shall tell you that….






“I am beautiful”.


It’s true what… =)