20 January 2010

Again, I’m Looking For Client

New semester has begun.


In fact, it has started for almost 4 weeks now. Like what I have expected, this new semester is going to be a tougher one because we, the 3rd year student is assigned to a ‘bigger assignment’ – that is to conduct a minimum of 7 counseling sessions.



7 sessions man!


Well seriously, conducting sessions aren’t a problem for me because I love this job. Listening to others’ issues, understanding them by putting myself into theirs shoes and exploring ways together with the clients in making changes always intrigue me. It fascinates me on how a person change and grow after the counseling session to live the way they want; the way they desire.


Although I am not yet a professional counselor and the number of client that I have met isn’t that much, I have faith in myself that I am growing and doing better and better. The reason is because, I am learning from my client too besides books, personal experiences and etc. The way I handle the session, the way I speak, the way I react and the way I put myself into my client’s shoes have given me a bigger picture on how to conduct a good counseling session – and each time, I realize I am improving.


Thank you to my volunteers who have allowed me to learn from them in last semester. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to develop my counseling skills. Without your help, I wouldn’t have written this post with deep satisfaction.


Conducting a group sessions with 4 clients.


This time, I need client again for my final counseling course and I realize it is quite tough to find client in my campus. Well, this will be the last time I provide free counseling service to those who are interested (under the supervision of my lecturer). Once this semester has ended, there will be no more F.O.C counseling service. That’s mean, you will have to pay! Lol.. =)


Nah… I am just joking. I still need to do my practical in a selected organization/hospital/etc. Long way to go but with your help and support, it wouldn’t be that tough… =)


I am not that good in marketing about myself but being aware that I have this blog, I would want to try my luck to seek for my potential clients who are interested in my counseling service. Who know, you, who are reading this might want a pair of faithful ears that can listen to your sorrow or unexpressed feelings? Or to you who are confuse with your career path; having relationship problem with family?




I am offering my service to anyone who can come over to University Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, any time depends on your preferences. Remember, this will be my last time in offering free counseling service (till the end of April). So, I believe you wouldn’t wanna miss this opportunity? =)


If you are interested to find out more about this service, do drop me an email and I will reply A.S.A.P:





Hope to hear from you soon.. :)


At the same time, I should think of a few strategies to help me in spreading this one-time-offer to others who are in my campus. I need a client fast as the first deadline will be on this Friday. Haizz….


God, please help me and send a client (or a bunch) to me. Please.


P/s: Do I sound really that desperate? Well, I don’t mind if I do because I am expressing a sincere and real feeling. It is good to let you know that how a 3rd year counseling student’s feeling when she needs a client urgently for assignment. Not easy you know…


P/p/s: No client, no pass.


P/p/p/s: No wonder a professional counselor can charge RM80 per session.