06 January 2010

Performing Art Is The New Thing

I don’t know why, I just can’t sleep although I have attempted to….. switch.off.the.computer.and.it.doesn’t.work. Well, whatever. Because I obviously know why my endorphin level is so high tonight. Must be the 3 layer of milk tea which I had during lunch activates my hormone.


Wait. Or maybe, it’s because of I have signed up for an acting class?



The latter sounds more convincing!!!! Lol.

*doing break-dance on the floor*



You read it correctly. I am taking acting class this semester as one of my elective course. Well, I don’t know why this idea came into my mind, last night when Kit Yen was passionately talking about it during in a Counseling class. This girl has big heart for movie production ever since the year I know her. She wish to be a part of the TVB team in Hong Kong. Wow! Isn’t that great? I believe her aura has affected me, besides Anne Marie’s.


If you still remember my previous post on The December Me, you will notice a girl, named Anne Marie whom I had a date with. I had been to her college which is all about art (performing art). Anything which relates to art can be found there – fine art, acting, photography, orchestra, dancing, singing and etc. Seriously, the visit really inspire me to keep a strong bond with my right brain (which I used to neglect).



Anne’s masterpiece


DSC05523  Another work of hers. Creative!



Life is an art. What you do to it, how you live with it, how you perform your life (yourself)  is an art. Your history, your story, your personalities is the tools which help the audience to understand your art better. Art can only be understand when you perform it, like drawing, photography, video recording, dancing and etc. (NOTICE: This is my personal thoughts, not base one any references. So, beware of taking this idea for your assignment or presentation. lol)


Having this belief in mind (and also with some insights I gained from High School Musical 1 & 3), I decided to give Acting class a try this morning. Well, no harm trying right since I can drop the subject anytime if I don’t find it helpful. Surprisingly, the class went really well. I can connect myself and the teaching pretty fast because that is what I am looking for:




Searching for the TRUE SELF.






For all this while, I have been studying Counseling and one of the most important lessons is to teach and guide us to find ourselves. Questions like “Who am I? What do I want?” will never be missed in each semester.


You are asking why discovering true self is important? Well, just imagine when a counselor have no clear idea about who she is, what she wants in life, how will she be able to guide and help others? She, herself is leaving in the darkness, not knowing who exactly she is. Of course, she can still help others but maybe… not that effective.


So, this class is really inspiring and it opens up another side of me. In fact, I should say ‘switch on’ instead of open up because I do have the mentioned side when I was small – the expressiveness of me.


I am expressive when it comes to words and drawing. However, when it comes to verbal, not that much. I believe my past experiences have thought me to be quiet and less expressive because I am a girl and I should be the way the society aspect me to be. That was why I used repressed myself so much especially during in my teen age.


Well, things are changing. I have found myself and I have heard my voices. I know what I want and how to achieve it. Signing up for performing art class is a big challenge for me (as I am a shy person. lol.. trust me, i am) because the journey to explore oneself isn’t easy. There are always defend mechanisms happen especially when you can’t except the dark side/ bad side of you – like fat, bad-tempered, stingy & etc.


Anyway, this is just my first class and there are so much need to be discovered and explored before stars are given to this course. I shall rate this class in the end of the semester and see how far my self growth take place. Lol..



Thus, Performing Art still is a NEW THING FOR ME!




I shall sleep soon although I still feel energetic here. 2am already and I can’t waste anymore minute. My day is so pack after this. 6 hours of non-stop classes. Crazy.. =_=


So, do watch me in Disney channel at 8pm each night. I will be the Sleeping Beauty. Stay tune!









P/s: No more procrastination. I know you have been waiting for this. Well, treat this as a teaser then… muahaha… *evil laugh*