27 January 2010

Choose Freedom

You have no idea on how thrilled I was in this whole 26th January 2010.


Seriously, it is like my never-will-be-forgotten day. Firstly, I got to witness how awesome people speak, work and behave. Secondly, I get the chance to be in a totally green, expressive and with positive energy team. Then, I could experience how a real speaker speak in front of a big crowd with totally strange, unfamiliar faces.



Is it awesome, or what?


I can see the criteria of a good leader and speaker in Tan Kee Aun whenever he is giving his speech. Even when he is just giving a small presentation in class, you can already have this good feeling about him. Well, how do I know? I was his classmate before, in one of the subject and I was impressed with his presentation. It is not just because of the point he has, but also the level of confidence he has in himself. Besides, he can connect very well with people around him (that’s why he is a good speaker and leader)


He has the voice, he has the heart and he has the brain to connect with people. This is why, I admire his talent so much and his willingness and sincerity in helping the students by improving the facilities in UM. I can feel that.




Based on these values, I agree in helping him for the campaign – for the student council thingy. Well, I am not doing any campaign, not even close to marketing or publicity. I am sharing whatever data I have key in, in my brain and heart; whatever I have experienced.




At the same time, I wish to share how impressed I am with Tan Kee Aun’s fans GREEN t-shirt- Choose Freedom! Ah man! This is so awesome! I love the design and the message on the shirt so, so much. So creative and eye-catching!


At the same time, it has reminded me about William Glasser’s Theory in Counseling – Choice Theory. He highlights that always remember everyone has the choice to live the life he/she wants.




I had never have any green shirt as green as this (because I have this feeling that I will look darker). But I must say, I look great in this shirt, right? Oh ya… =)


freedom22 Taken in my Acting class by Azian. Thx u dear. Now I can see my hair from my back. I need another haircut!


Green fits the objective too because Kee Aun is having a big heart to make UM a greener place to live. I like his idea in reducing polystyrene use by replacing it with a safer and eco-friendly stuff. I am an anti-polystyrene and I am trying to reduce the usage in the cafe by bringing own plastic container. I guess, studying chemistry and having the knowledge in biology and Science have aware me to take care of the Earth from global warming.


Anyway, I do find out another new thing – something which I have never seen in my campus. It is the new Speaker’s Corner which located not far from the book shop.




I remember seeing this in the Western movie in which everyone is given the freedom to speak for whatever they want (freedom is choice!). Of course, there are some boundaries which one’s must be taken care of – like not touching certain sensitive issue especially about the ethnic and religion.


They just lunched it.


Ever since yesterday, I have spotted a few reporters and video cameraman in my campus area. Anyone has seen me in tv? tell me if you did. lol..


I managed to snap a few pictures and also a video clip in order to feed my (and also yours?) curiosity.



I wonder, will I be able to step on this small stage and speak in front of the crowds? I guess I can – if there is something I wanna fight for.




*start switching on my imagination mode*


P/s: I did a full 2 hours stretching exercise in my acting class this morning. Oh dear.. it is so painful. All my muscles are aching, right now.. at this moment, especially my muscles on my stomach, hands and legs. I will be getting a bigger biceps, very, very soon..




P/s/s: Glad to have a great dinner with my parents and my brother. It is good to get everyone gathered at the dining table during dad’s birthday. Calvin is flying to Hong Kong in another few hours. I know I am going to miss him, so do my parents. Safe journey dear bro.. (well, no point writing this here since he doesn’t read my blog. ceh~)