16 May 2009

How Far Do You Know CurryEgg?

Seriously, how far do you know about me?

I am kinda curious lately. The level of my curiosity shoot up like Appolo 13 ever since Yee Yang, a National Service friend of mine forced me to do his quiz couple of days ago on"How Well Do You Know Me?" in Facebook.

This quiz is like a personal survey form, making own questions and finalizing own answers. Then, invite others to do the quiz and see how far they score. The highest the score, the better it is because it shows how much the person knows about you.

So, I did Yee Yang's test and ended up creating my own quiz. I thought of making a crazy survey form, trying to trap my friends. However, I didn't. Instead, I make a real, serious quiz in order to understand how far others know about me - The CurryEgg. Yes, real formal quiz. There are 10 questions.

Once the quiz is ready, the journey in discovering 'the secret' begins. In just one day, I received nearly 30 answers. Till now, the number has grown to 40. Oh my. Seriously, I am touched as my friends seemed to care about me. Besides, I can see most of them are trying their luck in scoring my so-called test. Haha..

Real thank you my dear friends... I have fun looking at your 'wrong answer'. Oopss.. Well, it is true because those wrong answers are so cute and funny.. Don't worry. I know you have try your best and most of you still do really well because you know my real name. Haha..

How about you? Have you tried the quiz yet?
If you haven't, do you dare to accept my challenge? Ok. That's sound so serious. Maybe I should say, are you interested in answering my Curryegg's questions?

Proceed here and let's start the "How Far Do You Know Me-Curryegg" quiz.

My quiz in Facebook: HERE

After this quiz, I should consider in making a 'about me' page for my blog. It will help you in knowing this blog owner better.. Then I can get present for my birthday.. Right? Haha..