08 May 2009

Big, Big, Big Family Gathering

Did I ever tell you that I was in Penang last weekend?

Emm.. I guess I did mention it in my Facebook status. It was an amazing trip in spite of all those tiring journeys and stress in dealing with my assignment and exam (now, no more!) which I had to face. All those burdens parasited my mind, as well as my soul. Hmph! I hate that. By the way, the short trip was worth it - that's what I want.

While uploading all these photos into my blog, the feeling of missing my grandma is so overwhelming. Urrg.... I wanna go back now, my hometown, my sweet home. Well, I will go back very soon! Yeah!

It was her birthday last Friday and we had a blast! All relatives were invited and the atmosphere was merrier than before. I thought I will not enjoy myself at first because I can feel the stress in me. Those horrible stress. Of course, there is always but when you read a sentence like this. Haha...

I was crazily being a photographer as well as the model. Haha... One word: Cam-whore. I guess my eye bags and stress acne weren't that obvious under the yellow light restaurant. That's good.. :)

The most memorable moment was the time I spent with my beloved cousins. We managed to get our seats, next to each other (like we always do) and chatted like no tomorrow. We joked, we chatted, we played and we laughed together.

Ahhwww... isn't that great? It reminded me all those memories when we were playing together during in our childhoods. Running up the hill, playing in the drain, catching fishes, chasing chicken, hopping around with grasshoppers and you named them. The list is too long to be typed here.

Besides my cousins, I get to learn about my relatives who I have almost forgotten. Lol.... It is good to get in touch with other relatives who stay far, far away. That's the time we gather and update ourselves about each other news.

Those children in the pictures are my nieces an nephews. Ahhh... They have grown up and a sudden fear of becoming old struck my mind. I am their aunt and it feel like sooooooooooooo old! Man! I really can't imagine it. I am just.... 22...

Gosh! 22 and I am an aunt for..... 7 of them?
*head spinning*

Of course, granny was the happiest person in her birthday event. Nothing is more important than seeing her smiled. She is beautiful with her sweet smile. Ahhwww... Muacksss... Miss you grandma!!!

I have decided. I will be back again in another few days. Frankly, Penang is always the best place to stay because.... food, Food and FOOD!

Haha... :D