21 May 2009

2 Thick Harry Potter

When my best friend asked, "What are you doing lately?" via sms few days ago, how I wish to answer her, "Being a pig, eat and sleep". Well, I didn't. In fact, I typed and replied, "Reading Harry Potter" because that sound much better. Right? Haha..

Anyway, I'm really reading them in my grandma's room right now after that long nap. Oops, now I really sound like a pig. Well, it's good to get back my old, dusty novels after being isolated for years in this room.

Frankly, I never finished neither of them since they are thicker than my Oxford English Dictionary and Kamus Dewan. So, I rather watched the movies. However, having these 2 months of holiday, I'm determined to finish at least one. Emm.. I wonder, can I? 

P/s: So May, I'm really reading.. Lol.. =P