29 May 2009

What Do You Think On My New Layout?

Recently, I have been wanting something new so much. Such much that I can't even believe myself. A new hairstyle, a new wardrobe, a new collection of book, a new keyboard, a new room and a new blog skin. This sudden drive makes me feel like Chinese New Year in which everything must be NEW!


I really don't know why. It is like a drive which I can't resist.
I have pondered whether to change or not to change my blog skin for weeks because I love the banner so, so much. Well, it is obvious that my drive won over my rationality as you can see, new skin has been putting up. No more striking Curryegg's banner with three column layout. Instead, a simple purple blog banner with two column layout (with footer!) is used. I like this layout is mainly because of its simplicity, wider width for blog post content, widgets column at the footer (at the bottom of the blog) and open comment box.

I know that a blog can only be heard if only if the content is worth reading, and not the sidebars. I want to focus on my writing and photos. Thus, this time I turned my blog into a two column blog - just like before. Besides, I feel more organized by this way.

About the banner, I guess I will try to design one or use back the old one which is designed by Lun, a friend of mine. I really appreciate his work and I seriously like the banner so much. Just, this layout doesn't fit and suit the big size banner.

I shall work on the html code again once I have recovered from the html sickness.. You can't imagine how hard I have been working on the code in these few weeks. I have tried to re-edit those code and adding some stuff into this layout before it is being uploaded into this blog. Since I am not an IT, Graphic Designing or Computer Science student, it takes me a longer time to learn everything. Thanks to my 7 weeks holiday. I can spend more time in front of my computer. Lol..

Anyway, I am not sure will I change this layout again. It might depends on my so-called 'drive' again. Before that, I would like to hear your opinion about this layout and comment system. I have decided to use Intense Debate in managing my comment system finally. I remembered I have registered myself with Intense Debate for nearly a year after seeing it in Aronil's blog. However, I didn't use till now.

So my dear readers, do let me know your opinion by completing the poll at my sidebar (on your left) or leave your comment in this comment box. Your comment is most valuable to me because you are my readers.. You mean a lot to me..