11 May 2009

Sudden Drive To Change

I have been sitting here for few hours, trying to write something for my blog. Hundreds of words had been typed, yet I wasn't satisfy with whatever appeared on the screen. I wonder what happen to me?

I am sitting here, leg crossed, straight but relax. Inside my mind, thousands of thought are created and I can feel a tiny stress on my forehead. I am still figuring out my dissatisfaction. Well, it took me few hours (while playing Restaurant City in Facebook. Lol) before I realized the possibilities for being unhappy with my blog.

Firstly, I have this sudden urge to change my blog layout (the design). I need something different, something fresh, something more organize. Or maybe funkier with more eggs? Haha... Well, I am still exploring ways to change my blog layout as I have plenty of time to do so. Semester break will do the trick, right? =)

Besides the layout, I need to change my blog content. Maybe more on Psychology related post? Or fashion (nah...I don't think so), travel (yes yes!), food (emm.. yummy) and art (oohh....). Emm... another questions.. :(

Lastly, I wanna change my style of writing. A style which can resemble me better - the 100% of Curry Egg and 100% of Kelly Tan. There shouldn't be any different between these two persons as they represent who I am, inside this body. So, I am looking forward to write more about this-is-me post.

I guess I should really sit down and think about all these again during mid-night as the weather in my area is killing me. I feel like peeling off all my clothes as well as my skin. Urgghh.... Is this call the summer time in Malaysia? Frustrating!