25 May 2009

Be Creative With Your Sanitary Pad!

What will you do with your own sanitary pad?

Will you wrap it with colourful papers?
Will you put in a nice, sweet bag?
Will you decorate it?
Or just do nothing with it?

These questions have never come across my mind. Never.

Seriously, I have never thought of being creative with my own sanitary pads. Not even the idea of decorating them until I saw one. I was in my friend's sister's room couple of days ago and my eyes immediately spotted this thin object, lying matter-of-factly on the floor. Like it should be there.

No one ever thought that it is a woman sanitary towel till you are close enough to examine it. Well, I was being fooled at first sight. I thought it was a notepad. Lol..

I believe my friend's sister is a creative person, don't you think so? Maybe she should start putting beads or coloring the pad in her next project. Lol.

"Expend your creativity
" and I guess this is what it means.