14 May 2009

The Art Of Living

Just yesterday, my parents and I joined one of the biggest event organized by the Art of Living in Brickfield, Kuala Lumpur to gather all the members in Kuala Lumpur under one roof. Besides, this event was in conjunction with celebrating Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's birthday - the founder of The Art of Living.

There were chanting, satsang, dancing and sketch performances and dinner during in this event.

It has been nearly one year ever since I joined The Art Of Living. This whole story begins from my cousin, who introduced The Art of Living to my family. At first, I thought it was just like any other organization which promotes yoga and meditation to its members. That was what I understood from the phone conversation between my mum and my cousin.

Assuming that I was a lazy egg, not wanting to do any exercise at home (well, I did go for swimming back then), so I took the challenge. Dad and I signed up for a basic course in Jalan Ipoh during my last year semester break.

It was a 3 days course - total hours: 25++
Normal class takes 6 days - total hours: 25++

I was nervous at first because I always had negative thoughts on yoga. People around me kept telling how bad yoga can be. You have to bend 180 degree, twist 360, tie legs and hands together, roll like a snowball and you name them.

Those mentioned activities really frightened me as it reminded me about my late Ballet class. Urrgg... I still remember how my Ballet teacher forced my body to twist like a 360 degree roller coaster. Of course, my 7-year-old muscles and bones couldn't effort those dramatic moves.

Two words: Pain and suffering!!!

Since that 'tragedy' (I call that my tragedy), I stopped and escaped from any Ballet-related-classes. I couldn't effort any further pain in my body. Not anymore..


However, 14 years later, I take the courage and try The Art Of Living basic course because I heard how good it is. Well, it is true. I gain something valuable besides yoga and meditation. I learn new wisdom about life, make new friends, strengthen the bonds between myself with others and ways to keep a healthy and happy lifestyle. It is like connecting the body, mind and soul using this new knowledge.

I realize there are positive changes in me. I become more optimistic, happier, patience, accepting others, respectful, appreciative and loving. Of course, I don't transform immediately after taking this basic course because it takes time and need regular practice.

Frankly, sometimes I can be very impatience and nervous over certain situation. As a result, I am stress. By applying these teaching (yoga and meditation), I become more relax and able to control my emotion. This is helpful as to avoid further conflict with others or hurtful words being split out. That's awful.

While sitting on the seats in the big, air-conditioned hall with my parents beside me, my walks of memory with The Art of Living kept on wandering around my mind. Every images of memory flash-backed like a slide show in my computer - clear, colourful and beautiful. I really love what I am doing right now and I love joining this big family. We come from different background, different races, different religion and different belief. Yet, we can be as close as a family.

None of us have to abandon our own religion nor belief in order to join this group. None. Because this organization has nothing to do with religion. Nothing but simply an organization which teaches the art of living.

Thank you for the teaching and Happy Birthday Guruji.. :)
You have sparked my life and the people around me.

If you are interested to be a join The Art of Living, do visit these websites for further information. There will be 3 days basic course this coming weekend (tomorrow till Sunday) just once a year. Do check it out..


Or if you want the contact number:
012-3177300 (Sri Petaling, KL, Malaysia)

Ja guru dave~