20 May 2009

Have I Lost My Voice In The Blogosphere?

Sometimes I do wonder, have I really lost my voice in the blogosphere?

The voice which used to be so strong and entertaining with all sort of funny yet sincere personal points of view in the past 2 years. Well, I don’t know but I am eager to find out.

I had been sitting in a corner for few hours, thinking hard and examining every spot of possibilities. Am I really facing this problem? Curryegg has no more voice even for her own site? That’s not true. What a ridiculous statement. I have to deny in order to protect myself from all sort of emotional attacks. I will agree to no one, not even myself for this demotivating statement. Yes, no one.

Anyway, I don’t think denial will help me in gaining my voice back. It will just stop me from growing. Avoiding myself from facing the reality wouldn’t help and I know it. Therefore, I am determined to investigate the factors and ways in returning my own stand back. Yeah.

I do slightly agree that I had minimized my volume ever since in the beginning of the Ox year. I hardly get something to shout out as my main concentration wasn’t in blogging.

Maybe you might be curious what the heck am I talking about as my blog is still running like ever before. Well, maybe the only differences is the lack of daily post if compare to before. I remember how busy I was in every morning and night, preparing with all kind of photos and information which I believe will entertain me as well as my readers.

Posts like love post, Psychology post, IT post, travel post and food post are my main pick. Wait, of course post about my personal life too. There is nothing as great as sharing something which will benefit or cheer others up or both. At the same time, I received good comments from my readers too.

However, it doesn’t seem to happen recently. Ever since my 4th semester has started, I realized how busy I was. I started to get serious with my academic as I don’t want to be haunted by poor academic performance. At the same time, I am slowly deactivating myself in the blogosphere. As you might notice, I rarely update my blog and those posts which I had updated are regarding to me and my student life. There is hardly any blogging event post this year, unlike in my previous year. I was an active Nuffnanger back in 2008.

Of course, I do miss those days and I wish to activate my blogger life – be a free speech writer again! Iya.

So, the statement on Curryegg is losing her voice in the blogosphere?
I think I should just kick that off and do whatever I feel like doing right now. Why? Because history can’t hold me back. I am moving forward and I have good feeling that my voice will return.

Who knows, it might be even stronger? Haha.. Well, we shall see then.