06 May 2009

The Exhausted Egg Survived!

I guess this is a good news because CurryEgg is finally back to the blogopshere. Oh my. I can see cobwebs and thick dusts covering every corner of my blog. I need to do some clean up before starting my 'crazy-fun-exciting' journey again. Of course, I will keep you posted with my news and story with fresh blog post!

By the day, I hope I didn't make you suffer because of my 10 days disappearance. Did I? Well, I hope so.. haha... =P

Oh my.
I almost forgotten how to blog. It has been almost.. 2 weeks since I blogged? Nah. Just 10 days and I am surprise that I can survive! Lol.. Of course I survive. Well, you will never know how many sleepless and starving night I faced in this whole week. It was for my assignment, project and exam. All those responsibilities really killing me and I took 2 days to recharge myself.

Anyway, don't worry. I am ready to spicy up my day again with more activities, gathering and traveling. All those hard work have been given and now, I am ready to rock myself again!


Will be back with more interesting post - well I hope so... =)