28 April 2009

My Love For Dr. D

I guess, I have mentioned about Dr D quite a number of times but I had never shown any picture of her. I know, you guys must be curious because I have received several comments from you-know-who-you-are who asked about Dr D on how does she look like. Well, this time, you are lucky because I am going to write a post about her. Of course, including some of her photos.


Yesterday, it was our last day spending valuable moment with our Majesty, Dr Diana (she called herself as the Queen). Deep in my heart, I feel a sudden sadness which I hardly tell why. I know, I am not good with farewell especially with someone who I have strong emotional connection. Her kindness, her caring heart, her humorous speech and attractive outfit (she has an impressive wardrobe)has always shined my day. My Behaviour Modification class is enlightened because of her presence.

But, it has already ended.

Sigh... I wonder will I ever get her back for my next following courses? Well, I do hope so because I undeniably having lot of fun 'under her care'. Those art moment, pizza hour and movie time will never been forgotten - I promise. All those art stuff, food and movie (original DVD) were provided by her and I can't think of any other lecturer who are willing to do this. Will you? And all those stuff are not provided just for once, but several time in a semester.

Dear Dr D,

I hardly think of any other words, other than a big 'Thank You' for you, My Majesty. Other than all those stuff sponsored by you, there are something more important which I am proud to share it here. I have really learned a lot from you and I am on my way, discovering my true-self. Those discussions in classes on discovering one's personality are really helpful and I will keep on exploring myself. I hope, by the time I have discovered my true-self, I can help others in finding theirs.

Ok. That's has reminded me about Dr. D's project.
I still have.... half to go and I should really finish it by this Sunday. Wait! I still have another 2 papers to go (exam!). Eeerrr... I better start working now. Sorry for the disappearance for so long. Dr. D's assignment isn't easy. It requires lot of creativity (which is fun!).

I will show some of my work (my artwork) here once I have finished them. Oh dear, I really hope I can finish them by this Sunday as I still have to make a trip back to Penang. It is my grandma's birthday. Please, please, please..... pray for me... T_T

P/s: I look so dull lately. Sigh.. this is what they call... exam period. Nevermind, a brand-new Curryegg will be back, SOON!