22 April 2009

Update From Curryegg, Finally.

You know what...
I am as free as a bird now.......

Well, for only a day. Yes. A day is good enough for me. I can't forget those sleepless nights, with books, and only books conquering my bed. In fact you might not aware that, the bed I mean here is my table. Gosh! I sound like a prisoner. I know everyone will agree with me for not having to read 468 pages of thick cover book and some boring-unorganized notes (from slide) any longer!


This morning, I had just finished the hardest paper ever in this century (ok, I mean this semester). I don't know why but feel extremely tensed with this subject. I guess, I have never read the book till the last moment. You will be surprise if I tell you that I managed to finished this 468 pages (excluded reference columns) in a week time. Ok. I mean, till this morning... Those theories and findings aren't easy to be fitted in to my cognitive system without further study.


Anyway, it has over.
That's why I am as free as a bird again ...........till tomorrow. There are another assignments which need my attention and I have to produce them before the deadline. For now, I just need some fun before the serious mode being switch on again.

This is what I call: Student. Wait. Pity student.

Believe it or not, the test was ended at 1pm and I have been online since 3pm till now (glance at the clock: 11.57pm). Seriously, I don't feel like I am wasting my time (denial) as I am gaining back my energy and inspiration by updating my Facebook, playing online games, chit chatting with my friend and BLOG.

Frankly, I love all your comments on my previous post on my art creation. Thanks my dear readers. I read every single of them and it makes me wanting to open an art gallery. Curryegg's Art Gallery sounds good isn't it? Haha.. Anyone will come for a visit if I do? Lol.. I can't stop myself from day-dreaming.

Ok then. I shall update again whenever I can. I need to finish up my novel. Another few pages to go. Shhh... You don't read the word, 'novel' from me, remember? :P