17 April 2009

My Creation During In Expressive Art Workshop

First of all...
I am back again! =)

I thought I could wrap myself with few rolls of toilet paper for at least.. a week? Oh my. How could I? I am so tempted to share something interesting right now. Ok. Forget about my exam for a few minutes shall we?

It is about my experience in one of the Expressive Art Workshop with Dr D, today. I mean, few hours ago. Nothing is as interesting as making our own art work with all kind of art stuff starting from glittering powder, colour paper, crayon, water colour (my favourite), leaves, bamboo sticks and etc. We were allowed to use anything which were provided. All we had to do is to pour in our creativity into the creation we planned to make.

We were given the freedom to make our own creation without any theme or guideline (because these will kill the creativity and innovation). Along the process, I enjoyed making my own creation. It felt like all my stress over my assignment and soon-to-be-coming exam were kept in a box for a moment.

Freedom, fun and flexibility were the only nouns I could think of while panting on the drawing paper..Well, I didn't even care how my drawing might turn out as the only goal I had in mind was to express whatever feelings I encountered on that piece of paper. Surprisingly, I did quite well because I love what I did.. :)

At the end of the workshop, I volunteered to share my work in front of the class with other participants. I was asked to describe the abstract that I drew in detail.

Guess what I have created?
Frankly, I love my spontaneous art work.. :D

I think it will be a good idea for me to keep my explanation on this drawing as a secret. Haha..
Maybe some of you can guess what is my creation means?
Any Da Vincci here?