10 April 2009

The Power Of Psychodrama In Group Counseling

Today, I just experienced the power of psychodrama in group counseling or known as group therapy in my class, together with all my course mates. It is my last class for Group Counseling and I am glad it ended fruitfully. My lecturer manage to expose us to Psychodrama, a way to explore a person through dramatic action on their issues, problems, feeling or dreams in a group of people.

It is developed by Jacob. L. Moreno and has strong element of theater. That's mean, there will be the actor and the audience involved.

(What is Psychodrama? Look here in Wiki)

Frankly, I have no idea at all in this therapy as, it is as new as an iPod phone to me. Lol.. Ok. I mean it is totally new. I have never read nor hear about the content, silly me. I am glad that my lecturer has introduced this therapy to us today because it has catalyzed my cognitive thinking again.

P/s: Lately I have been thinking a lot and that has resulted a growing number of grey hair. Sigh... I am an old-lady in no time. I think I should really reduce my self-reflecting and problem solving moment...
Anyway, if I can connect with my self and share my finding with the people around me (which can benefit you), isn't that good?

Ok then, grow more grey hair if you want.

A short summary on what we did

To start this therapy session, we need a volunteer who is brave enough to try it in front of a group of people.
In this case, one of my friend volunteered and prepared to face the challenge. She was asked to pick an issue, fully focus on it and then, think of a few people who might involve. Besides, she was asked to reflect her feeling. When this initial stage was done, she can start picking anybody from the group to play any role, either as the people (example: father, mother, sibling, friend or etc) or her feeling (depressed, anger, disappointment, happy and etc).

Once this was done, the 'actress' can start expressing her hidden feeling in whichever way she want to the person/s she has issue with. When she was told to do so, I could already feel my friend had really committed herself into the play - her play. She was allowed to freely express herself, voice up her feeling and thinking and act exactly what she wants. Well, she did. Also, every role-player was allowed to express whatever they think the role will say and do to the actress.

How I feel

Warm tears run down my cheeks and I didn't know what to do, other than grabbing a packet of tissue from my bag. I realized that I was not the only one who was touched with the play as I could spot some watery eyes. The whole session was so real when emotions from everyone including the actress, role-players and the audience started rushing in, taking part like we were in the situation. That was seriously amazing and I should say, this is better than the movie.


Self-reflection and catharsis (the hidden emotions which had finally burst out) took place during this psychodrama session. I realize that it bring positive effect to the participant (the actor/actress) in which he/she can see the issue clearly, gaining insight and express the unexpressed feeling. This will help the person in facing and dealing with the highlighted issue properly when he/she comes back to reality. Besides, he/she will have confident and positive energy after the session.

Seriously, I am really proud of my friend. She is willing to share her problem and brave enough to face the it. That's something I should learn from her. Bravo girl!

This Psychodrama session ended in a very motivating way in which every role-players will express their feeling to the main actress and give supporting words and hugs. This is something positive and should be carried out in every group counseling. My lecturer did tell us in class before that never leave a wounded wound open. It should be stitched and healed.

The class had been ended like.... 3 hours ago but my emotion is still wandering around my mind. While in the session, some personal issues of mine appeared and struck my mind. I believe, the issues are similar with my friend's and they need my attention. This is good as I should go into my unfinished business (unsolved problems) and deal with them.

What a powerful therapy I should say.
Maybe I can go further in this area and explore more. This therapy can be very helpful to people and I hope I can master it.

Long way to go....

By the way, any expert here in Psychodrama?
Will you be a participant in this group counseling? Share with me your thoughts. It is good to hear from you.

P/s: Sigh... my font (size) in this post is going crazy again. I wonder what is the problem? Emm... hope that it is not affecting your reading.. :(