06 April 2009

Roti Jala

Have anyone here tried Roti Jala before?

I don't know why but love Roti Jala so much. I guess, the main reason will be because of the rareness in getting it. Besides the unique design and the curry. Dipping the piece of roti into the kuah kari (curry) will make everyone mouth watering. However, the sad news is, I could hardly get Roti Jala in the big city. Not even in Penang.

Or is it I was not observant enough?

Few days ago, I was back to my hometown in Penang with my family. Our return was mainly because of 'Cheng Beng'. Mum was worried about my granny and wished to help her for the prayer. So, we were there till yesterday.

Unexpectedly, I managed to make a small trip to Taiping, Perak with my dad while my mum was busy helping around. We sneaked out! Well, we are always the cheekiest people. Haha.. So, that was how I came across with Roti Jala which cost for only RM1 for 4 pieces in Taiping.

RM1 for 4 pieces?

Including the curry of course. Frankly, it is hard to get such a cheap price for Roti Jala. Don't even dare to think to get this price in Kuala Lumpur. Hmph. We can never compare the living cost between a small town and a big city.That's obvious. Adoi~

P/s: Can I get Roti Jala in Kuala Lumpur? Anyone spotted this?