08 April 2009

'Something' Has Taught Me Something

*In the class*

Sitting at the best spot in one of the corner in my class, I thought it will give me new motivation for my left-over-assignment. Well, at least allow me to focus in my work. I have been sitting here for hours, yet, nothing had been done. Frustration and disappointment were so overwhelming which discouraged me to concentrate. I have been trying hard to give my best in my typing in spite of the noises, still my mind was being distracted. With the presence of my friends, my course mates, I hardly pay attention in my work.

3 hours have been wasted.

I wonder, how can I redeem them back? The more I think of the amount of work I can do in these 3 hours, the more I feel regret. I am running for my 14-days-marathon and almost half of my 14th day has been wasted.

What should I do?

Regret started haunting me. I thought this room is suppose to be empty, at least an hour. I know I shouldn't choose this spot at the very first place. I should pick somewhere better, somewhere quieter, somewhere comfortable and with electric cable. Maybe the library. Or I shall go back to my room instead.

Anyway, there is something pulling me to enter this room, convincing me to sit here and do my work. It is hard to describe what is the 'something' which had pulled me in, but all I can say it is my instinct, the inner energy

I know, my plan is not working accordingly and I don't want to do any last minute work (although I am still good in it.. right, popjammerz? haha..). After sitting here, at this exact spot I mentioned earlier, I discovered a few important lessons. I am surprise that I still can learn something at these moment.

1) True friend will never leave you.
2) Life is not about rushing, but it is about enjoying every moment we go through.
3) Be prepared with every possibility - Battle is never easy.

1) True friend will never leave you.

While I was busy focusing my mind into my work, I had almost forgotten my lunch. I thought my 3 balls of Ferrero Rocher Chocolate (which I've just received from my dear friend) will stop my stomach from rumbling. This friend of mine reminded me about my 'food storage system' and disallowed me to skip my feeding session. Knowing that I might skip my lunch, she offered to buy and send me lunch. Free delivery! Frankly, I am touched and I have no any other better words than:

Thank you Parima'.

Besides her, there are some of my friends who are trying to cheer me up by bringing some jokes. Thank you guys. I know your good intention and I can feel that. I am glad to have you in my life. Just, today is not my day. Do forgive me. If in normal days, I will joke like no tomorrow. Worse than a clown I should say. Lol...

I guess, I am nearing to my period time which causes me feeling a little uncomfortable. I can sense that the level of Estrogen and Progesterone are increasing in my body which unconsciously cause me feel a little moody and uncomfortable (hormonal changes). Well, girls~


2) Life is not about rushing, but it is about enjoying every moment we go through.

Yes. This is one of the very important lesson I learn today. I have been stressing and rushing lately over my task and I just don't feel good about it. Not even a single happiness pop up and say hello to me. What a tragedy. And you know what, I am going to stop that. I am taking things slowly and I am enjoying every bits of my life - while running this marathon.

3) Be prepared with every possibility - Battle is never easy.

Even though I failed to do my work according to my plan today, I am accepting it and promise will do better tonight, and the coming tomorrows. There is no point regretting over the past as no one can fix it nor change the history. What we can do now is to focus in the presence and plan for the future. Battle is never easy but it is not impossible to win.

Photo courtesy: www.thelatern.com

I should say, 'something' which has attracted me to sit on this spot has taught me something important for my life. It gives me a new insight, new perspectives and understanding. I am once again, a happy eggie.. ;D

Thank you 'something'..


P/s: If you are sensitive and observant enough with your surrounding and your inner voice, 'something' will emerge and you will learn something new - either good or bad.

P/s/s: I'm referring 'Something' = instinct, inner energy, self talk

P/s/s/s: Thank you for your encouraging comments in my previous post. I am gaining new energy from you and thanks a million.. All the best to you too! muacks! :D