13 April 2009

A Week Or Two Break?

Lately, I am more into writing self-reflecting post (emotionally and cognitively). This is merely due to my nearing-exam-period. Once you're forced to read lot of references (words, words and only words) for a certain period of time, this is what happen:

  • Long blog post with words
  • Less or no picture
  • Mostly about my feeling and thinking
  • Less jokes?

I guess, this kind of post may bore you since I realized that most of you (in fact, me, myself) prefer post with photos and short words. Well, don't worry. Boring posts will not last long because this exam-fever-period will end.. SOON! Yeah! I just can't wait...

Posts for travel, food, events and other 'fun' topics will be blogged after my final exam (like what I have predicted -my blogging style). Oh my.. I really can't wait! I need a holiday!!!

I have already planned for my semester break (roughly) and I know, it is going to be my greatest holiday. Yeah. I know, you can't wait for my surprises neither. Well, all we get to do is to wait till MAY!

Another few more weeks and then, I WILL BE FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Maybe I should get a week break. Or maybe two. It is better for me to stay away from my blog before I am done with my revision? Well, let see how far is my progress... :)

For Curryegg's loyal readers:

Thanks for always keeping in touch with my progress. I feel motivated whenever I receive your visit and comments. You guys are too lovely to be forgotten. *hugs*

I will try to bring in more juicy, spicy and interesting posts once I am done with my final preparation. Wait! Or maybe you can let me know what kind of post you find interesting in my blog? Of course, I know this is my blog and the decision on what kind of post I blog should depend on me. However, I feel that it is good to receive your suggestion and opinion since you meant so much to me.


So people...
I will be back, adding spice to your life again!
Miss me.. ;)