07 April 2009

I Will Win This Battle

All of the sudden, I just wish to ramble something in my latest post.
Something which I don't even know where to start and where to end. I guess, I just wish to exercise my fingers by typing as much alphabets as I can on my old-yellowish keyboard.

Or, am I trying to freeze my mind from functioning?

Maybe not too long..
An hour maybe?

Recently, I feel so tensed up. One of the reason may be because of my unfinished assignments. Sigh.. I feel so restless. Tired. Exhausted. I remembered I had mentioned about my assignments since 2 months ago. Still, I am working hard here.

I dare not sleep early lately. Whenever I think of the deadline-s, the remaining days I have, sweat will start showing up on my forehead. 14 days to go and there are a lot of pick-up-works need to be done. Yeah.. 14 days...

How long can I run on this 14-days-marathon?
How far can I go?
Can I finish this battle?

The more I think of my capability, the more I doubt my ability. Should I waste my time, worrying something which no one can answer?

I know the answer is no. Yeah.
I can't afford to waste my 14 days, sitting here doing nothing.

I had already wasted my valuable time and I shouldn't sit here, in front of my computer for couple of hours. I can see the light now- the light of positive energy. I know what I should do. Yes I do.

No matter how hard this battle might be,

No matter how struggle I may experience,
No matter how much I may sacrifice...

I don't care.
I will not give up, not when I have not even tried it. That is just not me, right Curryegg? This battle might be hard, but I don't care. I promise I will give my best.

I will win this battle.

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