26 May 2010

Do You Have Gf?

I was standing in front of these 2 small kids while leading myself to the escalator, one in casual wear while another one in school uniform. From their physical appearance, I believe they should be at the age of 7-8.


They didn’t catch my attention till I overheard their conversation. Well, not purposely ok.



Kids A: Do you have girlfriends?

Kids B: Yes

Kids A: How many?

Kids B: I have 4.

Kids A: Are you sure you have girlfriend?

Kids B: hmmm mmm.. *I managed to catch a glimpse of this boy nodding*

Kids A: But 4 only?

Kids B: No. It’s actually 6.

Kids A: I have 8 *I could hear a slightly proud tone in his answer*

Kids B: Sorry. I remember wrongly. I have 8 too. *sound like a man ego to me*

Kids A: How do they look like? *started feeling suspicious over the answer*

Kids B: Oh.. I tell you. 1 is sexy, 1 is pretty and another one is masculine. She has muscles you know. Then…… *and the conversation continued*



I didn’t manage to listen to the whole conversation because soon, we were heading to different direction. Plus, a woman whom I believe is a mother to one of the kids (I don’t think the kids are siblings) finally voiced out, asking them to follow her, instead of leading.



Seriously, the conversation really caught my attention. Kids today, is so today. At young age, they speak like an adult. Also, they know ‘man talk’ already. Hmmmmmm.. I wonder who actually taught them? Sexy? and girlfriends?



If I have a chance, I would want to snap their pictures and put them here. Well, it is still unethical right? lol..


So, should we consider this as a funny issue or a serious one? Is this something normal that guys (despite of the differences of age) think and speak like this too? Enlighten me please especially the male readers. I need your opinion.


I call this, the male thing: Woman fantasy.