19 May 2010

What If You Have To Stare At Them?

What happen when you have a good collection of photos which is related to food and you have no choice but stare at them? I mean, really staring?



*mouth watering*




If you are forced to see all these photos in the middle of the night (like me now), you might have to face the below issues:



  1. Insomnia – You can’t peacefully close your eyes and sleep without having a taste on it (it is 3.41am now and I still can’t sleep. damn)      
  2. Breathing problem– Because your mind has been disturbed and you’ve forgotten how to breath normally.   
  3. Heart attack – You can’t stop jumping and ranting, wanting to have it immediately. Next, you find yourself too stress that causes heart attract!
  4. Self-hate – You hate yourself even more for bumping into all these photos.
  5. Loss focus – I. don’t. know. what to. bl. og now.. *blank*





Well, I think I should sleep now. I should just shut down and stop drooling over for all these photos. Hate them so much.





*run to bed and cover myself under the blanket*

P/s: Thank to Mamak for treating me this wonderful meal at Sushi Zanmai. Love ya.. <3

P/p/s: Can I blame myself for taking such appetizing photos? Bad me.. =P