18 April 2011

Be Carefree of Life

During 14th of February 2011, my family and I been to this large temple in jenjarum, Selangor. Like usual, I drew myself a small piece of paper from the box (which you can call prediction) and get 4 sentences of Dharma Words. They sound like this:



1) The unkindness of others is the fertilizer for one’s own growth.

2) Learn to let go of worries in the world

3) Everything is impermanent.

4) Light up the mind to dispel one’s ignorance




1. The unkindness of others is the fertilizer of one’s own growth.

Beautiful words and they are enlightening. I can see that how negative or unfavorable treatments by others have taught me to be a better person. They make me tougher than before. Thank you.





2. Learn to let go of worries in the world.

I don’t know how far I can do this but then, I am currently doing my best in letting go of worries – because I don’t have time to worry! Frankly, I am in the middle of deadline. It’s like whether to vomit out the product (thesis writing) or not graduate on time. I have no choice but to be extremely discipline with myself. Even blogging like now make me feel guilty. Anyway, the main point here is, I want to be tender by not overwhelm myself with too many worries. I believe in God’s plans and I will leave entirely to Him.


3. Everything is impermanent.

And I truly agree with this statement. You cannot step twice into the same river because the river is never the same – Heraclitus. Same meaning. Life is full of mystery and it is not static. People change, event change and the environment change. Even myself is changing – for betterment.




But one thing for sure that I will not change – my cheekiness and craziness personality. And my crave in eating. Nom nom.. lol.


4. Light up the mind to dispel one’s ignorance

This is what I call as ‘true forgiveness’. When you can dispel one’s ignorance, it means you are forgiving them and move on. The mind will not lingering around with others’ wrong or self blaming. This is a beautiful effort I would say and I am letting time to teach me this lesson.


  photoftheday52 Jane and her car


What a good reflecting night. It feels good to at least blog something after pushing the brain working for hours.


Thus, I should be carefree by now. Like shutting off the computer, jump into the bed, covering myself with blanket and hug tightly my dear booster. Then sleep. Can?