15 May 2014

When June Leaves May


I mean,

when June (my friend’s name) leaves the organization on May – which is last Friday, it creates a space for me to think and reflect on everything that is happening in and around me. One of the reasons is because, I miss the bubbly and positive energy spread by her since the last 2 months. Although I rarely be in the office, I love and appreciate her aura.

And… today, we met for the very first time after the end of her internship with TFM. We were helping out at PWTC at the Teach For Malaysia booth for Teacher’s Day event. We hang out for dinner after the event and had a meaningful sharing on what we had learnt and accomplished in this first half of the year.

The 2 hours of conversation was deep and filled with gratitude for all the things that we had been through and learnt. We even clapped and cheered happily for each other’s little successes. Like what Calv commented in one of my latest FB photo, “Best friends u had ... Appreciate them well .....”. Indeed, she is one of the very pure souls that I treasure in my life.

Another best part that I love the most was when we brought out Psychology Theory and Counselling techniques onto the table and drew the connections with our current experiences. To our amazement, the philosophy and practice of the skills just come naturally to us despite of the non-counseling job that we are (were) currently doing.

From the conversation, I notice that I really love my job and happy working with my current role as a LDO (Leadership Development Officer) in Teach For Malaysia for 11 wonderful souls in 4 different schools. Besides, I also like the fact that I can work almost as closely as with my teammates’ students whenever I visit the school. This is the perfect platform for me to learn and grow using the knowledge, experiences and skills that I have to shape me to be a better individual.

This is just a simple post that I would want to record my thoughts and feelings after my personal reflection.


Taken in LRT before the ‘goodbye’. Her smile is contagious!

If you are reading this (and I believe you will *insert self-confident), thank you dear Juney for all the love, thoughts and kind help.

I do not have siblings but I am thankful to have closed, meaningful friendships around me.

Before ending this post, there are 2 thoughts in my mind:

When you are facing challenges, what will you normally do?
Was the action that you do help you to grow or hinder you from progressing?